Title: Good Friday 3/29/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 772642 Event
Title: Passover 3/26/2013 (All day) to 4/1/2013 (All day) Body:

Begins at sunset on March 25

Vid: 772640 Event
Title: Easter 3/31/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 772643 Event
Title: Vesak 5/25/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 772644 Event
Title: Rosh Hashanah 9/4/2013 (All day) to 9/6/2013 (All day) Body:

Begins at sunset on Sept. 4

Ends at sunset on Sept. 6

Vid: 971568 Event
Title: Yom Kippur 9/13/2013 (All day) to 9/14/2013 (All day) Body:

Begins at sunset on Sept. 13

Ends at sunset on Sept. 14

Vid: 971569 Event
Title: Grades Due for Fall 2012 1/3/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 715312 Event
Title: January Term Begins 1/7/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 674933 Event
Title: January Term Ends 1/23/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 674936 Event
Title: Classes Spring 2013 Begin 1/24/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 674937 Event
Title: Add/ Drop Spring 2013 begins - Begin Interchange Registration 1/24/2013 (All day) Body:

Students check ACDATA for holds.  Holds must be cleared by appropriate office before changes can be completed online. 

Students MUST meet with Advisor(s) to obtain online approval for changes to schedules.

Students must obtain ACDATA INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL for any course requiring instructor approval.

Students must complete add/drop process after obtaining advisor approval.

Check your ACDATA schedule to confirm enrollment in courses.  "petitioner" status on CMS /TMS does NOT indicate enrollment in course. 

See Registrar webpage for ONLINE REGISTRATION  instructions.

Vid: 675046 Event
Title: Spring Recess 3/16/2013 (All day) to 3/24/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 674946 Event
Title: Classes Resume 3/25/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 674947 Event
Title: Advising Week 4/1/2013 (All day) to 4/5/2013 (All day) Body:

Pre-registration Preparation

Students must meet with advisors to obtain necessary online approvals for online pre-registration.

Vid: 674951 Event
Title: Pre-Registration Fall 2013 4/8/2013 (All day) to 4/12/2013 (All day) Body:

Online pre-registrations for Spring 2013.

Check your ACDATA account for time and dates for specific student deadlines. 

See Registrar webpage for online registration instructions.

Vid: 674960 Event
Title: Last Day of Classes 5/8/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 674961 Event
Title: Reading Day 5/9/2013 (All day) to 5/13/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 715063 Event
Title: Final Exam Period 5/14/2013 (All day) to 5/18/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 715064 Event
Title: Senior Grades Due online by 9:00 am 5/20/2013 - 9:00 AM Body:

All Senior grades are due by 9:00 AM.  Registrar must have this information in order to calculate honors and complete graduation audits and clearances.  Your cooperation in meeting this deadline is critical.

See ONLINE FINAL GRADING  for information on posting grades online.

Vid: 674972 Event
Title: All other Final Grades Due 5/22/2013 (All day) Body:

See Registrar webpage ONLINE FINAL GRADING SUBMISSION for more information.

Vid: 674976 Event
Title: Commencement 5/26/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 674977 Event
Title: Deadline for Readmission Fall 2013 3/15/2013 (All day) Body:

Contact Dean of Students Office for more information.

Vid: 675028 Event
Title: Midterm Grades Due 3/15/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 675035 Event
Title: Honors Recommendations Due to Registrar 5/7/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 675039 Event
Title: Senior Thesis Due to Registrar 5/7/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 675040 Event
Title: End Add/Drop - End Interchange Registrations 2/1/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 675050 Event
Title: : Deadline for Comprehensive Exams Completed for class of 2013 3/15/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 762846 Event
Title: Deadline for members of the Class of 2015 to declare major 5/8/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 763961 Event
Title: College Meeting 5/7/2013 - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM Body: Vid: 770215 Event
Title: Senior Assembly 5/8/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 770216 Event
Title: Deadline for Departments to Complete 2013-2014 catalog 1/4/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 830490 Event
Title: Fall Classes Begin. First Day of the Add/Drop period. 9/3/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 960757 Event
Title: End of Add/Drop and Interchange Registration 9/11/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843312 Event
Title: Mid Semester Break 10/12/2013 (All day) to 10/15/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843315 Event
Title: Pre-Registration for Spring 2014 11/7/2013 (All day) to 11/13/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843324 Event
Title: Thanksgiving Recess 11/23/2013 (All day) to 12/1/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843325 Event
Title: Last Day of Fall 2013 Classes 12/11/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843326 Event
Title: Reading/Study Period 12/12/2013 (All day) to 12/15/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843327 Event
Title: Final Exam Period 12/16/2013 (All day) to 12/20/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843328 Event
Title: Monday Classes Held Wednesday Sept 4, 2013 9/4/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843366 Event
Title: Mid-semester Warning Submissions Due 10/23/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 843371 Event
Title: Deadline for members of the Class of 2016E to declare major 12/11/2013 (All day) Body: Vid: 1006516 Event
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