Mammoth logo with caption Amherst Mammoths

mammoth skeleton in the Beneski Museum

Stories about Mammoths

Amherst has become fascinated by all things Mammoth. Read our news stories about mammoth resurrections, mammoths in pop culture and more.

What Sound Does a Mammoth Make?

October 20, 2017

To welcome the Mammoth as the College’s new mascot, we asked members of the Amherst College community to give us their best interpretation of what a mammoth sounds like. The results were entertaining, to say the least!

Mammoth Sightings

The mammoth receives its diploma

A Mammoth Graduation

As part of our unprecedented virtual celebration for the class of 2020, our Mammoth processed across the main quad and received an Amherst College diploma. 

The purple Amherst mammoth sledding down a hill with trees in the background

Take a Break for Winter Fest

Great food, hot chocolate, ice skating, and more. Who better to announce such an event than our Mammoth sledding down Memorial Hill (and meeting a familiar foe)?