Revised Charge, Approved October 19, 2017:

  1. Understand the next steps the College needs to take relative to (1) access and equity, (2) formal and informal curricula, (3) organizational structure, and (4) campus climate;
  2. Design a mechanism by which these four areas are connected to the discussions of and work of other committees and task forces;
  3. Recommend priorities and timelines for implementation of the next steps, taking governance structures and funding into account;
  4. Oversee the development of measures of success and methods for evaluating impact;
  5. Implement a two-way communications plan that will keep campus constituencies informed about the work and charge of the task force and keep the task force informed about the campus climate, especially with respect to issues related to students.


The composition of the Task Force will include: 

  • The Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer
  • Two Faculty Inclusion & Diversity Officers
  • The Director of Inclusive Leadership
  • The Director of the Multicultural Resource Center
  • The Dean of the Faculty
  • The Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • The Chief Human Resources Officer
  • One representative from the Committee of Six
  • Four students committed to advancing the work of inclusion and equity among historically underrepresented and/or marginalized communities: one will be chosen by the Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, one AAS representative will be chosen by the AAS, and for the other two, students will be invited to nominate themselves by responding to questions posed by the Task Force, with selection based on a discussion rather than a vote
  • Two faculty whose research and teaching bear directly on the issues
  • Two representatives from other organizational units of the College, such as Alumni and Parent Relations, Mental Health and Wellness, Athletics, the Library, and Facilities
  • One more person whose choice will depend on the focus of the Task Force in a particular year

 This gives a group of 18 people (19 including the President).