Johnson Chapel viewed through budding spring leaves

Our Goals

  • To prepare leaders for progressive levels of organizational change and inclusive excellence. 
  • Incorporate a heightened self-awareness of the faculty, staff and leaders into their understanding of and interactions with others
  • Serve as a strategic partner and thought leader in driving campus policies and practices in the areas of DEI 
  • Identify, create and disseminate resources to foster individual and organizational cultural competence
  • Incorporate DEI best practices throughout the College   



Actions You Can Expect to See in the Coming Years

In line with our firm belief that inclusive leadership, alongside best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion, are key components of a fully engaging and inclusive community, The Office of Workforce Equity and Inclusive Leadership will be focused on the following in the coming years:

  • Develop a mix of programs to serve leaders and employees, ranging from a year-long intensive to shorter offerings focused on specific topics including foundational D&I work
  • In partnership with division heads, develop DEI goals in each division 
  • Work with the Office of Human Resources to develop strategic partnerships and with the Office of General Council staff responsible for compliance and institutional accessibility services. 
  • Work with regional partners to develop regional partnerships to work towards practices that aid the college in hiring and retention of a diverse workforce. 
  • Articulate the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics needed for cultural competence and organizational success both now and in the foreseeable future
  • Partner with HR and other departments to support their efforts to achieve goals related to hiring, promotions, retention and engagement 
  • Measure equitable practices in a variety of areas, including but not limited to workforce demographic analysis, inclusive staff engagement, and the efficacy of diversity, equity, and inclusion priorities across divisions.