Launched in August of 2020 after a two-year pilot, the purpose of the Inclusive Hiring Program is to partner with HR and hiring managers to ensure an equitable practice that mitigates bias and leads us to more diverse, qualified candidate pools for all non-casual staff positions

Our Goals/Process

  • Support hiring managers with an Inclusive Hiring Guide, outlining steps and strategies from recruitment to on-boarding
  • Meet with hiring committees prior to candidate review to discuss inclusive hiring practices
  • Support hiring managers in the development of a rubric to guide the screening and interview process and mitigate bias
  • Measure demographics of applicants at three touch-points for all non-casual staff positions
  • In an effort to increase the racial diversity of the staff, measure the persistence of demographic groups through the hiring process
  • Provide feedback and support to hiring managers regarding recruitment and retention throughout the search process

Hiring Pilot Results, July 2020

Launched in September of 2018, the purpose of the Hiring Pilot Program was to learn more about the demographics of the staff applicant pools and to consider steps the College can take to ensure a hiring process that mitigates bias.  This culminated in the launch of our Inclusive Hiring Program in August 2020

See the results and findings for the 2 years of our Hiring Pilot Program below!