To provide Amherst College students of color with unique leadership opportunities for personal enrichment and professional development. 


  • Networking opportunities with distinguished alumni, donors and friends of the College.
  • Mentoring & Professional Development


Students are carefully selected based on criteria of academic performance, communication skills, enthusiasm and leadership potential.

“The program gives black students a greater sense of purpose and belonging throughout their time at Amherst...”
—Isabella Berkley, '19

Wade Student Ambassadors

A photo of Alistair Edwards
Alistair Edwards '22 (he/him)

Majors:Math and Music
Hometown:Washington DC.

Fun fact:In my free time, I play several different instruments, including the saxophone, viola, and electric violin.

A photo of Malaya Jules
Malaya Jules '22 (she/her)

Majors: Political Science and Environment Studies
Hometown: Bay Area, California
Academic/Study Interests:I am very interested in pursuing a career in criminal defense law. I enjoy learning about social justice movements and political issues in our country. I also love learning about environmental issues and how environmentalism connects to various social justice issues.

Fun fact:I’ve never had a cavity before.

A photo of Eva Nelson
Eva Nelson '22 (she/her)


A photo of Stephen Popoola
Stephen Popoola (he/him)

Major: Biology
Hometown: Queens, NY
Academic/Study Interests: Biology and Black Studies

Fun fact: I really enjoy sports.

A photo of Jaden White
Jaden White '23 (they/them)

Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Washington, DC

Fun Fact: It's my end career goal to open and own the first completely queer operated neuropsychiatry practice.