200 Years of Community

Amherst students inhabit many worlds—academic, artistic, athletic, political, social and more. From extracurricular activities to campus events, from important activism to community engagement, Amherst College has always had a vibrant social community.

A College of Conviction

Acts of peaceful protest and demonstration are an important part of Amherst College’s mission—to create a home in which the liberal arts may flourish and where academic and expressive freedom can thrive.  From protesting military action and defending civil rights to the Amherst Uprising of 2015 that sought to expose oppression on and off campus, Amherst students continue to stand for their beliefs and live the changes they wish to see in the world.

A Thriving Arts Scene

Amherst has always inspired a culture of arts participation in which everyone may celebrate, collaborate and learn. From theater to a cappella groups to studio and performance arts, our community has been nurturing artistic expression in every medium for two centuries.


Inclusive Communities: Amherst’s Resource Centers

Our Resource Centers support students as they celebrate and develop their identities and create inclusive communities that enrich their Amherst College experience. Through our various Centers, we offer dynamic community based programming, resources, and support services that provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. We affirm the many identities that students hold and work to foster an equitable and just community so that students may thrive throughout their Amherst College experience