Between 2 Mammoths with Inés Rossi '25

Season 2, Episode 7

In this episode, President Elliott asks Inés Rossi ’25, a Spanish and biochemistry double major, how she first learned about Amherst College, what drew her to become a tour guide, and her favorite “secret” study spot on campus.

Between 2 Mammoths with Grace Nyanchoka ’24


President Elliott and Grace Nyanchoka ’24 discuss her involvement in the Center for International Student Engagement (CISE), her understanding of leadership has evolved, and her favorite place on campus to which she'll gravitate when she returns as an alumna.

Between 2 Mammoths with Ben Clark-Eden ’25

Season 2, Episode 5

President Elliott and Ben Clark-Eden ’25 chat about his experience as a Social Media Intern for the Office of Communications, how the men's soccer team, which he is the co-captain of, is feeling this semester, and most importantly, he names his favorite Premier League team.

Between 2 Mammoths with Martha Umphrey

Season 2: Episode 4

President Elliott and Martha Umphrey, Bertrand H. Snell 1894 Professor in American Government in the Department of Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought, discuss the law and politics of free speech, and ways to engage students in free speech with curiosity and a sense of play rather than fear.

Between 2 Mammoths with Darien McFadden

Season 2: Episode 3

President Elliott sat down with Darien McFadden, the director of the Center for Counseling and Mental Health, to talk about recent changes to the Center, the importance of engaging with students around mental health resources, and to ask Darien to name one of his favorite books.

Between 2 Mammoths with Maida Ives

Season 2: Episode 2

President Elliott joined Manager of Farm Education and Operations Maida Ives at the Book & Plow farm to discuss the impact of extreme weather on crops, how local farmers are sharing resources, current sustainability efforts, and Maida's favorite thing to grow at the farm.

Between 2 Mammoths with Shane Dillon ’26

Season 2: Episode 1

President Michael Elliott sat down with Shane Dillon ’26 to talk about his position as an Orientation Leader, as Vice President of the Association of Amherst Students (AAS), and, most importantly, to find out where his favorite study spot is inside Frost Library.

Between 2 Mammoths with Professor Jeffers Engelhardt

Season 1: Episode 11

Professor of Music Jeffers Engelhardt and President Elliott meet up to talk about the music department's connection and collaboration with The Drake, a performance space that opened in 2022 in the town of Amherst.

Between 2 Mammoths with Professor Marc Edwards

Season 1: Episode 10

Assistant Professor of Biology Marc Edwards and President Elliott sat down together to talk about the STEM Incubator Program: how it started, its goals, and how it feels now that the first cohort of students to go through the program are graduating.

Between 2 Mammoths with Professor Elizabeth “Buffy” Aries

Season 1: Episode 9

Michael Elliott speaks with Buffy Aries about her research -- and her recently published book -- regarding the impact of diversity on Amherst College students, both during their time at Amherst and 12 years later.

Between 2 Mammoths with Mel Arthur ’25

Season 1: Episode 8

Mel Arthur ‘25 sits down with President Michael Elliott for a conversation about the history of the Black Art Matters Festival and what's it's like to be involved in putting the festival together.

Between 2 Mammoths with Ada Okorogheye ’24E

Season 1: Episode 7

Ada Okorogheye ’24E joins President Michael Elliott to talk about his decision to attend college in America, his experience playing on the men's soccer team, and what he really thinks about Ted Lasso.

Between 2 Mammoths with Wes Dripps

Season 1: Episode 6

Wes Dripps ’92, Director of Sustainability sits down with President Michael Elliott to discuss the College's Climate Action Plan, what we've accomplished since the Plan was drafted in 2019, and current projects underway to achieve our goal of decarbonization by 2030.

Between 2 Mammoths with Liam Archacki ’24 and Sam Spratford

Season 1: Episode 5

Liam Archacki ’24 and Sam Spratford ’24 join President Elliott for a conversation about their current role as Editors-in-Chief of The Amherst Student (the College's student newspaper since 1868). Learn how they got involved, which projects have been particularly impactful, and more.

Between 2 Mammoths with Olive Amdur ’23

Season 1: Episode 4

President Elliott is joined by Olive Amdur ’23 where they discuss Amdur's involvement with LitFest, Amherst College's annual literary festival, now in its eighth year. This year's LitFest is scheduled for Feb. 23-25.