Ada Okorogheye ’24E and President Michael Elliott

Episode 7

Ada Okorogheye ’24E joins President Michael Elliott to talk about his decision to attend college in America, his experience playing on the men's soccer team, and what he really thinks about Ted Lasso.

Wes Dripps and President Elliott

Episode 6

Wes Dripps ’92, Director of Sustainability sits down with President Michael Elliott to discuss the College's Climate Action Plan, what we've accomplished since the Plan was drafted in 2019, and current projects underway to achieve our goal of decarbonization by 2030.

Liam Archacki ’24, Sam Spratford ’24 and President Elliott

Episode 5

Liam Archacki ’24 and Sam Spratford ’24 join President Elliott for a conversation about their current role as Editors-in-Chief of The Amherst Student (the College's student newspaper since 1868). Learn how they got involved, which projects have been particularly impactful, and more.

Olive Amdur ’23 and President Michael Elliott

Episode 4

President Elliott is joined by Olive Amdur ’23 where they discuss Amdur's involvement with LitFest, Amherst College's annual literary festival, now in its eighth year. This year's LitFest is scheduled for Feb. 23-25.

Stephanie Zovich ’23 and President Michael Elliott

Episode 3

President Elliott joins Stephanie Zovich ’23, the director of operations for Amherst College Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS) to talk about this important student-run organization: what they do, how a student can get involved, and what it's like to be part of ACEMS.

Jacquelyn Cabarrubia ’25 and President Michael Elliott

Episode 2

President Elliott sits down with Jacquelyn Cabarrubia ‘25, to talk about the Native Indigenous Students Association (NISA) which started in 2016 (under the name Indigenous Native Citizens Association). NISA provides a community-building space for Indigenous students on campus.

Olivia Ward ’23 and President Michael Elliott

Episode 1

President Elliott sits down with Olivia Ward ’23, a law, jurisprudence and social thought and economics double-major, and an active member of AC Votes, to talk about the importance of voting, the work of the student organization and more.