June 29, 2023

To the Amherst Community:

I am writing to express my grave disappointment in today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding race-conscious admissions practices. This decision has changed the law, but it will not change our commitment to building a student body of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, which we believe is vital to our success as a residential living and learning community.

While we have been anticipating and preparing for the Supreme Court’s decision for many months, it will take more time to evaluate its full implications for the College. We remain resolute in our commitment to recruiting a student body that is diverse in all dimensions, in accordance with the law.

I am profoundly grateful to share this community with you. The intellectual curiosity, passion, and dedication of our student body are what make this College so special, and I remain confident that, as alumni, our students will continue the proud tradition of translating what they have learned here into a positive impact on the world far beyond our campus.


Michael A. Elliott ’92
President, Amherst College