Student groups are welcome and encouraged to host events under the name of their group that they directly plan, fund, supervise, and attend. However, event organizers and organizations must adhere to the following policy: 

Student groups and individuals (“Hosts”) are prohibited from serving as "fronts" for off-campus organizations. This means student groups and individuals cannot sponsor, schedule, or plan events for the purpose of giving off-campus organizations un-affiliated with Amherst College access to College space, marketing resources, the College name or likeness, or other College resources. 

Groups that are vetted for association with a national chapter as part of their regular operations are allotted the same rights and access to space and likeness approved through the Office of Communications. These organizations are bound to limitations of funding outlined herein. 

  • The Host must be involved in all areas of event planning, event promotion, and day-of execution. 
  • The Host is required to coordinate with the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership in order to develop contracts, as well as to coordinate venue setup, security, and other logistical matters pertaining to the event. 
  • The Host accepts all responsibility for event finances, including but not limited to those of the non-Amherst co-sponsoring organization should it fail to meet its commitment. 
  • The Host remains accountable to Amherst College for the actions of any non-Amherst organization with which it is hosting the event. 

A Host may receive partial funding for their event from an off-campus organization as long as the student group complies with policies herein and receives written approval through the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership at least 21 days in advance of the proposed event date. 

  • No funding will be accepted from an outside organization that is more than 50% of the total cost of the event. 
  • All outside funding sources, amounts, and methods for transfer must be disclosed to the College prior to approval. 
  • All finances and contractual processes must be run through the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership for appropriate processing and accounting.