Trustee Meeting May 25-28, 2023

To the Amherst Community:

The Board convened for its Commencement meeting last weekend, May 25-28, 2023, and I’m pleased to offer you a summary of its meeting.

Before the meetings began, several Trustees arrived on Thursday and had the opportunity for an informal conversation with several town officials, including Town Manager Paul Bockelman, State Representative Mindy Domb, Town Councilors Lynn Griesemer and Anika Lopes, Executive Director of the Amherst Business Improvement District Gabrielle Gould, and Amherst Regional Public Schools Director of Communications and Operations Debbie Westmoreland. The gathering was meant to give Trustees a chance to learn more about the challenges and opportunities before the Town of Amherst, with the intent of laying the foundation for a stronger, more strategic relationship between the College and its community.

Trustee Meeting February 16-18, 2023

To the Amherst Community:

With this letter, I am beginning a new practice of providing regular summaries of the meetings of the College’s Board of Trustees. These summaries will be archived on the Trustees webpage. Last weekend—February 16-18—the Board convened for its third regular meeting of the academic year. This meeting has long been designated “Instruction Weekend,” and it is devoted primarily to offering our Trustees the opportunity to learn about our academic mission and to meet with faculty and students about topics relating to our curriculum.