Meetings & Committee

The Board of Trustees meets four times a year—currently September, December, February and May—and also has a biannual retreat, with additional meetings called as necessary. Regularly scheduled board meetings are generally two days, with an additional day in May for the Commencement celebration.

Board Committees meet as needed during each board session, and additionally between meetings as needed or at the request of the President or Chair of the Board.

There are two types of Board committees: ad hoc and standing. Ad hoc committees are formed at the request of the President or the Chair of the Board to focus on areas of immediate focus (e.g., the Covid-19 response committee or the Presidential Search Committee). The twelve standing committees are specified in the bylaws of the College and support the Board’s work by overseeing core functions, allowing committee members to gain a more nuanced understanding of specific issues and engage in detailed discussions. The Board does not have an executive committee, and any matters of material importance are taken up for discussion and, when necessary,  voted upon by the full Board.

The standing committees and their work areas are as follows:

Committee on Audit and Risk Management oversees the engagement of independent public accountants and the preparation of the audited financial statements of the College.  The committee also oversees risk management for the College, which includes identifying and assessing risks and mitigating actions. (Chair: Nick Zerbib ’93)

Committee on Budget and Finance oversees the finances of the College, including review of the annual budget, and the receipt and disbursement of its funds, except funds and investments subject to the supervision of the Committee on Investment. (Chair: Dave Novak ’91)

Committee on Buildings and Grounds oversees the maintenance, operation and improvement of the buildings and grounds of the College, as well as the plans for and construction of new buildings and substantial renovations of existing buildings. (Co-Chairs: Dave MacLennan ’81 and Dwight Poler ’87)

Committee on Compensation oversees the compensation paid by the College to its President and reviews with the President compensation of senior members of the administration. (Chair: Andy Nussbaum ’85)

Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion oversees the College’s strategic goals related to diversity, equity and inclusion and also guides the Board’s own work on these goals, ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion are incorporated into the work of the committees and to the Board’s decision-making as a whole. (Chair: Chantal Kordula ’94)

Committee on Honorary Degrees considers and recommends to the Board suitable candidates for honorary degrees to be bestowed by the College.  (Chair: Eunei Lee ’89)

Committee on Human Resources oversees the College’s human resources policies and their administration, including overall compensation and pensions, insurance, and other fringe benefits for faculty, officers and employees (except in the case of the President), as well as staff surveys. (Chair: Rejji Hayes ’97)

Committee on Institutional Advancement oversees the programs for developing and securing gifts, grants and bequests for the benefit of the College, for nurturing relationships with alumni, parents and friends of the College and for presenting the College to its various constituencies through publications, media and special events. (Co-Chairs: Bill O’Malley ’84 and Elizabeth Shelburne ’01)

Committee on Instruction oversees the instruction given in the College, including developments in the curriculum, pedagogical innovation, the length of the term of study and faculty appointments and promotions. The Committee has general supervision of admission to the College and general supervision over the relationships with the other institutions in the Five College consortium.  (Chair: Shirley Tilghman)

Committee on Investment oversees the care and investment of the College’s endowment funds, and all other investment funds, and the receipt and disbursement of money from those funds. (Chair: Simon Krinsky ’96)

Committee on Student Life concerns itself with undergraduate student life in all aspects of the College outside the curriculum and classroom. (Chair: Mary Beth Cisneros, ’89)

Committee on Trusteeship has the responsibility for presenting to the Board candidates to be considered for election to Term Trusteeship when there is a Term Trustee vacancy, and generally reviews Board governance. (Chair: Andy Nussbaum ’85)