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Data Science is inherently interdisciplinary, covering disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Many faculty and staff members at the College are invested in Data Science: our research uses data science or even focuses on the development of new data science methods, we teach Data Science in our courses, and conduct data-science-based outreach activities to local communities and institutions.

The Data Science Initiative (DSI) is a campus-wide tent for all faculty and interested staff to learn and exchange ideas about Data Science. Its main purpose is to enrich the intellectual life of the faculty, through activities such as speaker series involving both College faculty and external guests, panels, workshops, and tutorials, often organized in participation with other partners on campus. Many of these events are open to the general public, beyond the campus community.

Data is already used, not necessarily well, for decision and policy making in areas that affect everyone's daily life as an individual and as a member of many communities. This use, and mis-use, will only increase, as it constantly has in the past. For this reason, the DSI’s activities are focused on a theme that we consider of utmost importance: data and society.

The Director of the DSI is Prof. Matteo Riondato, supported by the DSI Advisory Board.

For questions or to propose an idea for an event, please contact the DSI advisory board at

Spring ’24 DSI Events

Please note that more events are being planned for the Spring of 2024.