A big shift is afoot with the planned opening of the new Interdisciplinary Science Center, which will feature state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities. As the new building opens in the fall of 2018, other spaces, such as the former science buildings of Merrill and McGuire will close. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the change. 

When does the new Science Center open?

The new Science Center will open the first week of classes in the fall of 2018. This will be limited; the building will be open to the Virtual EMS system for booking after October 20, 2018.

What events are planned for the Science Center opening?

On September 7, 2018, the new Science Center will host a SURF 2018 Poster Session. This late afternoon event will be held in the center's living room and will include student-led tours of the building. The session is open to the entire campus.  A formal opening is planned for October 20, 2018, with more details to come.  

What departments / programs will be in the building?

The departments of Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy, Neuroscience and Psychology will be in the new building. Math and Statistics will have a consulting space in the building.

What other services/offices will there be in the new building?

The building will have the Moss Quantitative (Q) Center, the Keefe Science Library, a café, Machine Shop, Electronics Shop, Animal Care Facility, Glassware Storage, Greenhouse, Chemical stockroom

How many people will be working in the new building?

Roughly 85+ people will be working in the Science Center.

How many research laboratories and support rooms are in the new building?

There are 68 in total with 47 research labs and 25 teaching labs. 

How many classrooms are in the building?


How many offices are in the building?


How much is being moved?

The move will include 214,550 square feet of space from four buildings: Merrill, McGuire, Smudd, and Beneski and 255,000 square feet NSC.

When will Merrill and McGuire go offline?

Both buildings will have limited availability during the summer due to the move and they will be removed from the Virtual EMS system as of August 12, 2018.

When will Merrill and McGuire be closed?

Both buildings will be closed to the campus community on August 31, 2018. After the move is complete (anticipated early fall 2018), the buildings will be shut down and closed until further notice.

Why can’t McGuire stay open?

McGuire is an annex to Merrill, so it does not have accessible services independent of Merrill. The systems in McGuire are tied into the Merrill Building.