Students Often Ask

Q: How do I get card access to research lab areas?
A: See your department’s Academic Department Coordinator about the procedure to gain card access to research lab areas. Laboratory Safety Training will be required before card access is granted.

Q: What STEM student groups are there?
A: You can find the latest STEM clubs on the Hub, managed by Student Activities. Start your own club if you can’t find the one you are looking for!

Q: How do I complete safety training?
A: All persons working in the Science Center and Beneski are required to take annual safety training. Principal Investigators and Supervisors are required to contact their department safety personnel or the Chemical Hygiene Officer with a list of new personnel. Each person will then be individually contacted by the training software, Traincaster, with a link to the respective safety training to be completed

Q: Do I need to take Ethics training?
A: You will need to access the college’s CITI training. Ethics training is required for all students conducting research work at Amherst College (all disciplines).

Q: Who needs to take RCR training?
A: Amherst students, post-baccalaureate fellows, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows conducting research in astronomy, biology, biochemistry/biophysics, chemistry, geology, neuroscience, physics, and psychology are required to complete the online RCR CITI Training Program before beginning their research.

In addition, the following researchers are required by Amherst College to complete CITI Training:

  • Amherst students and postbac/postdoc fellows in computer science, mathematics and statistics, and the social sciences who are paid through NSF or NIH grants.
  • Students from other colleges doing research in any department who are paid through NSF or NIH grants.
    Ethics training is good for three years. CITI will send an automated message if you need to retake the training.

Q: How do I book a Library Study Room?
A: You can book the Library Study Room (C201) via the EMS System.

Q: What are the hours of the Keefe Science Library?
A: Refer to the Library Website for updated information on the Science Library.

Q: What are the hours for the Moss Quantitative (Q) Center?
A: Refer to the Moss Quantitative (Q) Center website for updated information.

Q: What is happening in the Science Center?
A: You can find out what is happening in the Science Center as groups post events and seminars on the Amherst College Events Calendar. These are also displayed on the monitors in the building.

Student Clubs and Campus Departments Often Ask

Q: How do I book an event in the Science Center?
A: If you are booking one of the large common areas: Living Room or Lower Commons, please send an email to Jess Martin with the date(s), time(s) and preferred common area for your event. Jess can book the space, but you will need to coordinate with the Service Center if you need to move any furniture (and cover the cost of any services provided in the removal / rearrangement or storage of furniture).

Q: How do I reserve a classroom?
A: You can reserve a classroom through the EMS System.

Q: Which STEM departments/programs are located in the Science Center?
A: Biology, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Neuroscience, Physics & Astronomy, and Psychology. Also, Math & Statistics has consulting rooms and faculty offices in the building.

Q: How many classrooms are there?
A: There are 12 classrooms in the Science Center (A011, A013, A019, A131, A331, C101, D103, E108, E110, E208, E210, and E212).

Q: How big are the classrooms?
A: Here is a list of how many seats are available in each classroom: 

Classroom A013 (24 seats)
Classroom A019 (24 seats)
Classroom A131 (50 seats)
Classroom A331 (24 seats)
Classroom C101 (24 seats)
Classroom D103 (24 seats)
Classroom E108 (48 seats)
Classroom E208 (36 seats)
Classroom E210 (30 seats)
Classroom E212 (48 seats)
Kirkpatrick Lecture Hall (75 seats) (A011)
Lipton Lecture Hall (148 seats) (E110)

Q: Are there pictures of the classrooms?
A: Yes, you can find pictures of the classrooms on the List of Classrooms page.

Q: What are the hours of the Science Center Cafe?
A: The Cafe hours change depending on the time of year, so refer to their website for up-to-date hours.

Other Questions

Q: How do I arrange shipping?
A: Before Shipping any item that is hazardous or potentially hazardous, contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer, Jason Williams. Note that it may take up to a week to ship your items. See a list of some regulated materials. Shipments of non-hazardous materials may be done through your department’s ADC.

Q: Where is the Loading Dock?
A: The Loading Dock is located on the ground floor at 25 East Drive on the east side of the Science Center.

Q: What is the address of the Science Center?
A: The Science Center is located at 25 East Drive, Amherst, MA 01002.

Q: How many research labs are there in the Science Center?
A: There are 31 research labs in the Science Center.

Q: If there is an accident in the lab, who do I contact?
A: Call the emergency number 413-542-2111 to report any lab accidents, including spills and injuries.

Q: If I lost something, is there a Lost & Found?
A: ACPD manages a campus wide Lost & Found. As items are found, they are given to ACPD.

Q: Where is the Chemical Stockroom?
A: The Chemical Stockroom is located in B120 (first floor of the B-wing, east side of the Science Center).

Q: Where do I get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
A: Contact your department safety personnel, the Chemical Hygiene Officer, or Environmental Health & Safety (EHS).