Izzy Perozek '25 (she/her)

EcoLeader Fall 2023

Izzy is a junior Biology and Religion double major on the pre-medical track who is thrilled to return to the Office of Sustainability as an EcoLeader. Izzy is especially excited to take on the role after spending last year as an EcoRep herself, where she worked to develop the program by spearheading discussions with EcoRep programs at other universities around the country. She is passionate about using this information to improve the program, and she is excited to get to work with the new class of EcoReps! Outside of the Office of Sustainability, Izzy works for a biology professor in a research lab, TAs intro Bio, runs for Amherst College Emergency Medical Services, and is a captain of women's club soccer.

Ivy Haight ’25 (she/her)

EcoLeader Spring 2024

Ivy is an environmental studies and economics double major who is passionate about combating climate change and promoting sustainability. As an EcoLeader, Ivy is excited to help the Ecoreps reach as many people as possible on campus, especially first years. After having helped develop the Ecorep program and been an Ecorep for Williston last year, she hopes to use her experience to further the program and inspire others to get involved with the office. When she’s not trying to save the world, she’s playing on the women’s varsity golf team, playing club volleyball, working in an environmental studies lab, TAing economics classes, recording podcasts for the Amherst STEM network, running on the bike path, and hanging out with friends.

Anna Whitworth ‘26 (she/her)

EcoRep - Charles Pratt, Garman, and Porter

Anna is a prospective political science major with a double major in environmental studies/spanish (still deciding). Having grown up on 12 acres outside Portland, Oregon, with a Dad who restores rivers for a living, she has always felt a strong pull to the earth and its protection. She developed a passion for climate action through experience in small-scale farming and school-based projects in a region where caring for the environment is learned from a young age. With hopes of pursuing a career in public policy with a climate focus, Anna is excited to create accessible and substantial change at Amherst. Anna is also a member of the Women’s Lacrosse team, loves backpacking, cooking, the 3rd floor of Frost Library, and is a ball girl for the Women’s Soccer team.  

Noah Harris ‘26 (he/him)

EcoRep - Stearns and Seligman

Noah is a sophomore Environmental Studies and Political Science major who is deeply invested in environmental issues. He’s particularly interested in implementing  tangible methods that will improve sustainability here at Amherst. He also encourages students to stay up to date with current events involving the environment! In addition to being an EcoRep, Noah is a hurdler on the track team, a staff writer for the Amherst Student, an avid LEGO builder, and he works for the Marine Mammal Research Program. 

Zakaria Shenwari '25 (he/him)

EcoRep - North, King, and Weiland

Zakaria is a Junior majoring in Neuroscience and is excited to be part of the EcoRep team. He is passionate about working with fellow EcoReps to develop practical strategies for promoting eco-friendly practices within the student community, thus bringing us closer to achieving our sustainability goals together. Beyond his role as an EcoRep, he is actively involved within the MSA community, runs as EMT for ACEMS, and finds joy in playing club soccer.

Vanessa Glass ‘26 (she/her)

EcoRep - James and Moore

Vanessa is a sophomore and prospective Environmental Studies major who is thrilled to join the EcoRep team. Her interest in environmental justice was sparked during a semester program in New York City, which focused on urban infrastructure and its impact on vulnerable communities. As an EcoRep, Vanessa hopes to promote sustainable living habits while also spreading awareness about local systemic issues. In addition to her work with the Office of Sustainability, Vanessa is a member of the Environmental Justice Alliance, volleyball and club photography!

Hugh LemmonKishi '24 (he/him)

EcoRep - Jenkins, A Dorm, Seelye, Hitchcock, and Mayo Smith

Hugh is a senior double majoring in Environmental Studies and Asian Languages and Civilizations (Japanese). Growing up working on his fathers small farm, he has always loved being outside and caring about the environment so that it can care for us. As the Eco-Rep for the Triangle and Jenkins/Res Hall A dorms, he is excited to help promote a culture of sustainability on campus. Outside of the environmental work Hugh can be found at Track & Field practice or on the local disc golf courses.

Kennedy Hilario '24 (he/him)

EcoRep - Val, Drew, Lipton, and Cohan

Kennedy is a Senior Mathematics major who strives for excellence in different disciplines. From Jazz band to DJ, from mathematics to language and art studies Kennedy loves to take advantage of the variety of topics for study offered at amherst. After doing some research into “30 by 30” and other eco-friendly plans, he wanted to find a way to participate in sustainable practices, and lead his peers to take the same actions. If you see him around camps, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask questions!

Muntaha Mamun '25 (she/her)

EcoRep - Greenways (Ford, Biondi, Greenway C, and Lee)

Muntaha is a Political Science and English Major who is really excited to be part of the Office of Sustainability as an EcoRep in an effort to improve our sustainability practices at Amherst as a community. She is passionate about figuring out ways to reduce food waste and carbon footprint and also promoting the importance of environmentalism in helping combat global warming. She is also a program organizer at the MRC and a peer ambassador at the Office of Financial Aid.  

Matthew Fisher '26 (he/him)

EcoRep - Appleton, Morrow, and M Pratt

Matthew is a sophomore and a prospective English major. Matthew has always loved nature and the outdoors, and this naturally led to a desire to find ways of being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. He is so excited to be a part of the effort to make Amherst more sustainable, and is grateful that there are so many other dedicated staff and students at Amherst that feel the same way. He is particularly interested in projects concerning how we can reduce food waste here at Amherst. Outside of being an EcoRep, Matthew loves to play ultimate frisbee, go rock climbing, read and hang out on the quad, or do any other outdoor activities so that he can enjoy Amherst’s beautiful, peaceful scenery as much as possible!

Julia Morgan-Canales '26 (she/her)

EcoRep - Williston and Newport

Julia is a sophomore and prospective Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought major. Her environmental interests are centered in environmental policy and law. She is excited about the EcoRep position as an opportunity to see increased environmental policy enacted at the institutional level at Amherst College. She is excited to meet other environmentally minded students on campus as true change starts in the community! A big lover of nature, outside of EcoRep office hours you can usually find Julia walking/running/biking on the rail trail, picking flowers at the farm, or reading outside on the quad. 

Alex McIntosh '26 (he/him)

EcoRep - South, Plimpton, Tyler, and Marsh

Alex is a sophomore planning on majoring in Environmental Studies (and maybe Spanish too). Although he grew up in New York City, he’s always had an affinity for nature and the outdoors, and sees climate change and environmental degradation as the most important issues facing our world today. He hopes to lead a life directed towards protecting the environment, and has a particular interest in how governments can take an active role in such protection. Outside of his time as the EcoRep for South, Tyler, Plimpton, and Marsh, Alex enjoys rock climbing, reading, playing tennis, and spending time outdoors (especially with his dog, Wally).