Celia Curran Photo

Cecilia Curran ’24 (she/her)

Communications and Outreach Fellow

Cecilia is a senior Psychology major completing the Five College Culture, Health, and Sciences Certificate. Ever since taking Climate Change with Professor Holschuh her sophomore year and TAing it her junior year, she has wanted to learn more about the environment and how best to have conversations about it. With her continuous learning, she hopes to help spread the word on how we can all make a difference, especially in our Amherst community. She is responsible for managing the Office’s social media platforms, while also helping create both internal and external communications from the Office of Sustainability to the entire college community. When not working with the Office of Sustainability, Cecilia is a member of the college’s Women’s Soccer team, and normally can be found baking, cooking, finding new ways to move her body (lifting, hiking, swimming), and spending more time on Spotify than she should.

A young woman with a yoga mat on her back smiling

Sara Zhu ’24 (she/her)

Sustainability Assessment Fellow

Born and raised in Alameda, California, Sara (she/her) is the office's Sustainability Assessment Fellow. In high school, she helped support the roll out of her city's Climate Action Plan by developing educational content and diversifying stakeholder engagement. Now, as a senior majoring in Economics and Education Studies at Amherst, she hopes to continue advancing sustainability principles on campus using whatever tools she can. Outside of the Sustainability Office, she also leverages her role as Val's social media manager to promote sustainable dining practices and collaborate with partners like Beyond Meat. She enjoys getting outside (on foot, skateboard, or bike), baking pie, browsing Craigslist and attempting the New York Times crossword puzzle with her girlfriend in her free time.

Henry Bontempo

Henry Bontempo ’26 (he/him)

Zero Waste Fellow

Henry is a prospective Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought major. He is particularly interested in sustainable policy, a passion nurtured by work in local political campaigns and offices throughout high school. As the Office’s Zero Waste designee, he helps administer the Green Office program for faculty and staff offices, develop a campus-wide Zero Waste plan, and craft recommended changes to the college’s procurement guidelines. Outside of the green scene, he can be found on long walks about campus, reading, playing an unplugged electric guitar out of courtesy to his floormates, and cheating on the crossword. 

Megan Goh

Megan Goh ’24 (she/her)

Green Labs Fellow

Megan is a senior physics major who plans to use her interests in physics and chemistry to research and design sustainable technologies. As the Green Labs Fellow, she aims to reduce waste and optimize energy usage in the research labs at Amherst. She hopes to educate student researchers on the environmental impacts of their work and make a tangible difference in the sustainability of Amherst's labs. Outside of the sustainability office, Megan is also the Publicity Chair of Amherst's Physics and Astronomy Club and an e-board member of Amherst's South East Asian Student's Association. In her free time, she likes to read, listen to music, play the cello, and watch movies with her friends.

Head Shot of Emma LeRoy, wearing sweater with back back on.

Grace Nyanchoka ’25 (she/her)

Climate Action Fellow

Grace Nyanchoka is a junior Neuroscience-Pre-med major from Kenya. She became interested in sustainability efforts after noticing all the active projects already taking place on campus, and wanted to be more involved in making sustainable changes through the climate action intern role. With a growing interest in data analysis as a way to promote sustainability, Grace will help quantify the emissions from college-affiliated travel (e.g., conferences, study away, athletics) and explore options for local / regional carbon offsets. She will also assist with ongoing campus communications around the college’s climate action plan. Outside being a climate action intern, Grace is also a CA and works with the Center for Teaching and Learning. She enjoys knitting, walks, cooking, movies, and dancing as part of ACSU Dance Company. 

A young woman with blond hair and blue dress

Emily Byers ’25 (she/her)

Sustainability Assessment Fellow

Emily is a prospective Environmental Studies and Statistics double major and is passionate about addressing environmental issues at institutional and individual levels. Emily enjoys spending time outdoors hiking or skiing and playing on the Amherst Women’s Club Soccer team in her free time.

Dylan Byrne Photo

Dylan Byrne ’24 (he/him)

Food Systems Fellow

Dylan is a senior Environmental Studies and Religion major from New Jersey. He fell in love with agriculture after working at the Book & Plow Farm his first semester and intends to make a career out of it following graduation. As the Food Systems Fellow this year, he is committed to supporting local food production and ensuring that all campus community members can enjoy a tasty, healthy, and sustainable diet. You’ll occasionally find him performing stand-up at Marsh’s Coffee Haus, hosting The Dylan Byrne Variety Pack on WAMH 89.3, or making maple syrup at the Book & Plow.

Head shot of Allie Hollin, wearing hat with a tye dye T shirt and pigtails.

Ry Bleckel ’24 (he/him)

Alternative Transportation Fellow

Ry is a senior Physics major from Waimea, Hawaii. He is interested in outdoor and experiential education and environmental engineering. Coming to Amherst at the onset of the pandemic, he felt the impacts a closed campus had on his sense of belonging in the greater Connecticut River Valley. His work as the AltTrans fellow primarily seeks to rebuild a sense of place in the Amherst community by increasing bike accessibility and expanding students’ means of exploring locally in the CRV. On campus, he helps run the Outing Club, TAs for introductory physics, and works in the scene shop building sets for plays. He enjoys playing guitar, swimming, woodworking, legos, hiking, climbing, and skiing.

Tana Delalio

Tana Delalio ’24 (she/her)

Green Athletics Fellow

Tana is an Environmental Studies and Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought double major who is passionate about promoting sustainability efforts both on a global scale and on campus. As the Green Athletics Fellow, she is excited to work with sports teams to develop individualized strategies for improving their environmental practices. Tana hopes to build a sense of community across Amherst’s athletic programs toward reducing waste and resource consumption. She enjoys being a member of the women’s varsity squash team, hiking, reading, and trying new restaurants in the town of Amherst.

Izzy Perozek photo

Izzy Perozek ’25 (she/her)

EcoLeader Fall 2023

Izzy is a junior Biology and Religion double major on the pre-medical track who is thrilled to return to the Office of Sustainability as an EcoLeader. Izzy is especially excited to take on the role after spending last year as an EcoRep herself, where she worked to develop the program by spearheading discussions with EcoRep programs at other universities around the country. She is passionate about using this information to improve the program, and she is excited to get to work with the new class of EcoReps! Outside of the Office of Sustainability, Izzy works for a biology professor in a research lab, TAs intro Bio, runs for Amherst College Emergency Medical Services, and is a captain of women's club soccer.

Ivy Haight

Ivy Haight ’25 (she/her)

EcoLeader Spring 2024

Ivy is an environmental studies and economics double major who is passionate about combating climate change and promoting sustainability. As an EcoLeader, Ivy is excited to help the Ecoreps reach as many people as possible on campus, especially first years. After having helped develop the Ecorep program and been an Ecorep for Williston last year, she hopes to use her experience to further the program and inspire others to get involved with the office. When she’s not trying to save the world, she’s playing on the women’s varsity golf team, playing club volleyball, working in an environmental studies lab, TAing economics classes, recording podcasts for the Amherst STEM network, running on the bike path, and hanging out with friends.