Book and Plow farming
Students working at the Book and Plow campus farm.

From Farm to Fork

A sustainable future for food service means flavorful food that’s healthy and economically viable for all, produced through practices that respect farmers, workers, and animals; nourishes the community; and replenishes shared natural resources for future generations. Amherst dining continually strives to make our campus food system more sustainable.

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Be sure to check out the college's organic practice farm - The Book and Plow Farm!

Amherst College’s food system is a complex network of producers, workers, and consumers, which extends far beyond the physical boundaries of the college. The college’s dining facilities feed thousands of students, staff, and faculty members every day. The college has a Food Systems Committee that regularly brings together a group of key campus stakeholders with the goal of moving towards a more sustainable and resilient campus food system. For more information about the committee and its efforts contact Anna Hogarth -

Learn more about Valentine Dining Hall's sustainability efforts.

Valentine Dining Hall offers an array of plant based options for dining. Check out our plant based dining guide for suggestions!

The college has a partnership with Vanguard Renewables to handle all of our pre and post consumer organic waste. Vanguard mixes food waste with cow manure and places into an anaerobic digester. The methane produced is captured and sold as "green gas", the liquid is used as fertilizer, and the solids as animal bedding. Check out Vanguard's website to learn more about the process.