student activism
Many Amherst Students engage in environmental advocacy and make sustainability a campus culture.

Think Globally, Act Individually

Lead by Example

Living sustainably entails taking a holistic view of our actions and their consequences. By integrating sustainability into everything we do, we believe that we are developing global citizens with the knowledge and tools to live more sustainable lifestyles. We invite you to be a part of the College’s sustainability movement! We have developed an EcoReps program, a Sustainable Living Guide, and a Green Living Certification program to provide students with some practical tips for experimenting and pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle while here on campus, and ideally beyond Amherst’s gates!

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The Office of Sustainability developed a Sustainable Living Guide intended to provide tips, tricks, and info to help pursue a sustainable lifestyle here on campus and beyond. Check out the guide below!

In an effort to increase awareness, help educate, and encourage sustainable living, the Office of Sustainability launched a Green Living Certification program. This self audit survey allows students to assess the sustainability of their lifestyles and residential living habits. The survey takes no more than a few minutes to complete. Participants will receive a rating score and certification sticker.