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Engaging Our Community

From Words to Actions

Engaging in sustainability through co-curricular campus and community activities allows students to deepen their understanding and apply their knowledge of sustainability. Amherst strives to create a campus culture of sustainability, and the Office of Sustainability accordingly supports the engagement, training, and development of programs in campus and community sustainability for faculty, staff, and all students. Equipping our community with the tools, knowledge, and motivation to adopt behavior changes that promote sustainability are essential towards becoming a more sustainable campus.

What’s Next

  • Continue to support and build out the EcoReps program so that it engages all students on campus.
  • Increasing participation in the Green Office program. We hope to have the majority of offices participating on an annual basis.
  • Increasing faculty and staff engagement and participation in the Faculty - Staff Sustainability Affiliates Program with the goal of reaching all departments and offices.
  • Supporting the Sustainable Solutions Lab, aimed at bringing students together to identify campus sustainability issues, ideate on possible solutions to address the issue, and then work to implement solutions.