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Class of 1952 - In Memory

These pages are dedicated to the deceased alumni of our class.  On each page can be found an Amherst College In Memory Notice, obituaries when available and Memories from classmates, family and friends. 

If you know of additional material that can be added to these In Memories, please post them.  You can post your own memories to any individual In Memory by selecting "Add New Comment."

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.
Name Deceased Date
Harry H. Westbay (Tim) 05/06/2015
John R. Staley 02/15/2015
Donald E. Kane 01/18/2015
Harold Bohmer 12/29/2014
William L. Douthett 10/19/2014
William S. Keeler 10/11/2013
John W. Strahan III 10/06/2014
G. Rhoads Casey Jr. 04/30/2014
G. Sheldon Brayer 09/30/2013
Jerome H. Clark 06/04/2013
Carlisle Knowlton (Sandy) 01/29/2013
Dr. James H. Spencer Jr. 12/25/2012
Walter H. Waechter 12/08/2012
Charles W. Beeching 09/18/2012
William M. Shaner, Jr. 08/15/2012
James P. Gilligan 07/28/2012
James F. Fairman 27/28/2012
Ralph G. Engelsman 05/24/2012
William H. Clark, III 03/17/2012
Hal P. Eastman 04/16/2012
Howard M. Ziff 04/10/2010
Malcolm S. Steinberg 02/07/2012
Charles H. Biermann 01/20/2012
Philip M. Bethke 11/14/2011
Michael J. Carlin 08/10/2010
James E. Siggins 09/28/2010
James F. McClure, Jr. 12/17/2010
Henry C. McDonald 11/28/2008
James S. Williams 05/21/2010
David S. Newcombe 06/11/2010
Richmond M. Keeney 04/27/2010
Klindt Vielbig 03/11/2010
Derickson W. Bennett 12/15/2009
Frederick H. Scholtz 11/29/2009
Robert G. McGrath 08/21/2009
Arthur L. Martin 03/21/2009
Robert F. Jillson 03/03/2009
James Reed 10/28/2008
George Whitney 05/14/2008
Stephen I. Granger M.D. 04/22/2008
Wallace O. Lecher, Jr. 02/29/2008
John V. Bowmer 02/23/2008
George "Skip" Gay 02/13/2008
Cleon "Skip" Swayzee 02/11/2008
Arthur "Skeet" Ellis 01/17/2008
James A. Carty 12/18/2007
John O. Ellis 08/10/2007
John H. Holdsworth 10/05/2006
Donald E. Jones 06/16/2006
Robert L. Davidson 03/19/2006
Walter H. Monteith, Jr. 02/14/2006
Gerald W. Murphy, M.D. 10/08/2005
Clifford H. Tuttle, Jr. 09/03/2005
Victor R. Macdonald 08/24/2004
Richard T. Elder 06/22/2004
David G. Pruyne 03/13/2004
James J. Jordan, Jr. 02/04/2004
Theodore A. Long 01/26/2004
Richard L. Thomas 01/21/2004
Robert B. Killhour 11/27/2003
Richard F. Long 10/28/2003
Edward C. Shaw 10/08/2003
Dudley H. Meek, Jr. 09/15/2003
Daniel S. Pearson 09/09/2003
Michael C. Reynolds 05/28/2003
David A. Peters 02/08/2003
Edgar P. Maxson, Jr. 11/11/2002
Cutler U. Halstead 09/26/2002
John A. Bukovnik, M.D. 04/14/2002
Dr. John C. Ruckmick 03/19/2002
Edward Sanford  12/29/2001
Wilbur Lee Hartman  10/29/2001
Neil S. Cooper  08/13/2001
George F. Corsiglia  08/12/2001
Edward J. Regard  06/30/2001
Harry B. Stoker, Jr.  03/13/2001
Richard S. Wolfe  02/03/2001
J. Fitz Gonzales  12/24/2000
Dick Dingley  11/07/2000
Kenneth T. Wright  08/27/2000
Donald S. Mann  08/08/2000
Edward G. Esty  01/03/2000
Robert T. Fitzpatrick, Jr.  10/31/1999
Michael J. Keady  08/31/1999
George W. Chase 05/15/1999
Langdon T. Crane, Jr.  06/22/1998
F. Allen Bartow, Jr.  10/25/1997
William K. Nichoson, Jr.  03/05/1997
Harry Henke, III  02/25/1997
Robert A. Christenson  02/05/1997
Benjamin C. Davis, Jr.  09/04/1996
Maynard W. Swanson 07/16/1995
Charles H. McMurphy  05/23/1995
Robert E. S. Arndt  03/04/1995
John H. Quirin, Jr.  03/03/1995
Stephen Carus 02/15/1995
Richard B. Aldridge  02/04/1994
Edgar T. Wells, Jr.  12/05/1993
William H. Ryer  01/07/1993
John P. Stanton  11/12/1992
Mercer D. Tate  08/15/1991
William E. Harris  03/13/1991
Leigh B. Putnam  10/27/1989
George F. B. Smith, Jr. 07/28/1988
James W. Craig  05/09/1986
John R. Pearson, Jr.  05/02/1986
">James S. DeVitt  03/17/1979
Timothy W. Green 10/03/1978
David G. Cummings  04/20/1978
William F. Lusher  04/11/1975
Frank H. Magee  11/19/1974
Thomas F. Nelson  02/05/1974
James R. Siris  10/17/1973
William G. Wendell  04/27/1973
Donald A. Wasie  04/24/1973
Thompson H. Elliott  09/08/1969
Charles H. Moulton  05/26/1969
Phillip C. Flayderman 05/16/1969
Nicholas T. Stanford  07/19/1964
William J. Sadlowski  03/27/1964
Ulo A. Leopas  03/09/1962
Bruce W. Wright  02/29/1960
James E. Parker, Jr.  04/17/1957
John H. Broadfoot  01/30/1955
Stephen A. Eckardt Unknown
William A. Watkins Unknown

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