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Class of 1953 - In Memory

These pages are dedicated to the deceased alumni of our class.  On each page can be found an Amherst College In Memory Notice, obituaries when available and Memories from classmates, family and friends. 

If you know of additional material that can be added to these In Memories, please post them.  You can post your own memories to any individual In Memory by selecting "Add New Comment."

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.
Name Deceased Date
Herbert A. Bartholomew 3/11/2014
H. Lowell Hall 12/10/2013
James A. Smeallie 11/21/2013
Edwin B. Neale 10/22/2013
James A. Clark Jr. 06/18/2013
Richard M. Earle 05/18/2013
Dr. Stephen C. Paine 03/11/2013
Robert S. Bushey 03/13/2013
Frank P. de R. Ryan 09/25/2012
Raymond H. Dresser Jr. 01/25/2013
John F. Gordon, Jr. 10/15/2012
Charles J. Reynolds 07/29/2012
Albert W. Tenney Jr. 06/09/2012
Israel A. Fingeret 04/20/2012
Robert E. Dillon, Jr. 05/09/2012
Alan C. Hampshire 02/03/2011
Nathaniel R. Dickinson 06/15/2011
Rodman D. Rhodes 07/09/2010
Donald R. Finberg 04/25/2011
John C. Holland 04/11/2011
Donald J. Weiss 01/12/2011
James F. Wychgel 09/10/2006
Richard E. Watson 09/13/2010
Roger J. Wendell 07/24/2010
John G. White 07/18/2010
Edward J. Simonian 05/27/2007
Robert D. Sacks 12/18/2007
William L. Millard 05/20/2010
Richard E. Brennan 04/30/2010
Malvin Cole 04/12/2010
Neil A. Franzen 01/01/2010
Robert E. Brown 08/31/2009
Nelson J. Sarris 03/14/2009
Webster Kitchell 02/09/2009
Conrad Smeeth 11/27/2008
Christopher M. Greene 06/01/2008
William G. Kenney, M.D. 03/23/2008
Tom Reveille 03/09/2008
Monroe Cole, M.D. 01/08/2008
Hoyt M. Long 01/01/2008
James H. Heeremans 12/30/2007
A. Jackson La Baer 05/11/2007
William T. H. Youngren 11/26/2006
Robert G. Lape 10/16/2006
Dwight H. Damon 09/15/2006
Roger D. Creelman 09/13/2006
Robert C. Y. Ting 09/11/2006
John H. Cleary, Jr. 03/09/2006
Dr. Austin B. Caswell 03/01/2006
Silas W. G. Edman 11/05/2005
George L. Henry 10/14/2005
John J. Brittain 03/25/2005
Thomas J. Henderson 02/14/2005
Hubert R. Zeller, Jr. 07/29/2003
Ronald W. Koch 05/16/2003
Dr. Amon Nikoi 09/05/2002
Eugene F. Prosnitz 07/31/2002
Stanley G. Coates 10/22/2001
The Reverend C. Frederick Jenkins 12/03/2000
Christopher P. Recklitis 12/02/2000
James B. Totten 10/15/2000
John N. Park 09/19/2000
Bazil W. Brown, Jr. 10/11/1999
Robert H. Gibson 10/09/1999
Daniel E. Williams 10/05/1999
The Reverend William J. Greer II 05/26/1998
Norman H. Gibson 05/06/1998
The Reverend Alexander Choate 04/17/1998
Leo W. Connolly 01/22/1998
Stephen C. Miller 03/09/1997
Russell M. Keeney 04/11/1996
John T. Mitchell 02/11/1996
William W. Collins 01/23/1996
Theodore E. Wentz 05/29/1995
J. Culbertson Daggitt 11/29/1994
Roger F. Goodwin 10/04/1994
Bradford W. West, Jr. 08/14/1994
Corbet S. Johnson, Jr. 06/16/1994
Edwin A. Horst 07/29/1993
Dan D. McMullen 09/07/1992
William M. Martin 05/25/1992
Stanley S. Crooks 04/27/1992
Gordon A. Lameyer 05/12/1991
Wray G. Zelt III 12/31/1990
Blair C. Currie 07/05/1990
John T. Crone 03/19/1990
Donald S. Ostrander 04/23/1983
William J. Kibler III 04/04/1983
The Honorable Milton O. Moss 12/21/1980
Raymond M. Walls, Jr. 12/19/1979
Richard C. Mount 10/27/1979
L. William Heinrich, Jr. 09/04/1979
Robert L. Munroe 02/13/1979
Jack A. Boehm 11/28/1978
Walter M. Schwarzkopf 07/11/1978
Harry W. Evans 04/08/1968
John Humphries III 02/01/1965
Richard C. Linxweiler 07/07/1957
Robert O. Morgan Unknown
Paul E. Rutledge, Jr. Unknown
Robert F. Harris Unknown

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