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John P. Eveleth '56

Deceased June 24, 2014

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25th Reunion Book Entry


25th Reunion

56 John P. Eveleth.jpg

Date and Place of Birth: May 26, 1935,   St. Louis, Missouri.


Married to Grace Ann Morse

Children:  William Bradford - 16

Elizabeth Grace   - 15

Helen Sargent     - 10


Teacher of English

Contoocook Valley Regional High School

Peterborough, New Hampshire

Special interests: Photography, Arabian Horses

A Few Words:       

Nearly every day I consciously draw on my Amherst college education. Now, more than ever, I believe in the importance of a liberal arts education. The results of early specialization in high school and college seem evident in the lives of a vast majority of people.

My son and I look forward to the 25th reunion. See you then.


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