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John Goodwin Buchanan '60

Jack Buchanan died at home in Virginia Beach, Virginia on November 12, 2007 after a long illness.  He had lived in the Hampton Roads area for more than 30 years, and was a practicing psychiatrist there.  He is survived by his widow, Karen Buchanan; a daughter, Beth Buchanan; two sisters, Marygale Buchanan and Kathleen Thompson Lee; and a brother, Charles Allen Buchanan.

Born in California, Jack was a “Navy brat” and came to Amherst from the Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland.  He was a member of Theta Delta Chi, where he served as Corresponding Secretary.  Jack earned his “1960” on the freshman swimming team, served on the Chest Drive (1957-58), and was President of the Newman Club at Amherst College.

Following Amherst, Jack attended medical school at George Washington University, followed by a residency in Psychiatry at the Jersey City Medical Center.  He is remembered by classmates, friends, and family as a kind and generous man with a quick smile and a ready sense of humor.

Jack in 1995

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Jack in 1995

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