Amherst College to Host Conference on the Future of the Humanities March 2-3

Submitted on Tuesday, 2/21/2012, at 2:51 PM

February 21, 2012                                                                           

AMHERST, Mass. – On Friday and Saturday, March 2-3, Amherst College will host a conference titled “The Future of the Humanities and the Problem of Instrumental Reason” at the school’s Alumni House. The gathering will feature presentations from a number of distinguished humanities experts, including Geoffrey Harpham of the National Humanities Center; Catherine Liu of the UCI Humanities Center, Film & Media Studies School; Jonathan H. Marks of Penn State; John Mowitt of the University of Minnesota; Robert Gibbs of the University of Toronto and Caryl Emerson of Princeton University. Sponsored by the college’s 2011-12 Copeland Colloquium, the conference is part of a series of events organized by an informal group of Amherst faculty that aims to consider the future of humanities and to stimulate campus-wide conversation about how to advance thinking about humanities on the college’s campus. 

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