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Know your audience, and select dates based on the students’ availability; events often coincide, and students must choose some events over others. If your event is open to the public, consider days of the week, travel patterns and holidays. Consider setting a postpone date Amherst College if there is a chance of snow or torrential rain on the original date. It is also best to keep in mind anticipated publicity. If you plan to send a reminder e-mail the night before an event, Sunday evening does not usually work well — keep events on Mondays to a minimum.

  1. The Academic Year at a Glance Calendar is a good starting point for review of student schedules. If your event is geared toward students, make sure that they will be on campus and that there are no academic deadlines that might affect their attendance.
  2. Consult the Amherst College Events Calendar to make sure there are no conflicting events at the date and time you have selected.
  3. The Event Management System (EMS) can tell you which rooms are already reserved or on hold for specific dates and times. If you are unable to access the site, call Room Reservations at 413-542-8269.
    Check the Five College Calendar.
    Lastly, consider students’ personal schedules. Poll students for information on what nights or late afternoons to avoid (because of special television shows, athletic events, regular student meetings,

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