Office of Public Affairs

Events Publicity through the Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs offers several outlets to help Amherst College students, faculty and staff announce events and news on campus:

Event Calendar — an online listing of upcoming events submitted by members of the college community. A user who is logged in can submit an event, which will then be reviewed and approved by the Office of Public Affairs. Events will be included in the weekly e-Digest. (Please note that an event will be posted to the calendar if and only if it takes place on the Amherst campus and/or is at least partially sponsored by Amherst College.)

Campus Intranet Announcements — an “internal homepage” featuring news of particular interest to Amherst students, faculty and staff. Any student, faculty or staff member may announce official news on the Intranet. Announcements will be reviewed by the Office of Public Affairs and may be edited for length. Announcements will be posted to the Intranet daily. Submit an announcement. (Please do not submit an upcoming event to the Announcements page unless people must register for the event in advance or buy tickets. The Event Calendar [see above] is the appropriate place to submit event listings.)

e-Digest — a an e-mail digest sent every Tuesday during the academic year (except during vacations) to all Amherst students, faculty and staff. All announcements submitted to and approved for the Intranet in the previous week, along with all Event Calendar listings for the upcoming week, will be collected and distributed in the e-Digest.

News Releases — sent from the Office of Public Affairs to reporters interested in hearing about on-campus news and events. If you are a student, staff or faculty member of Amherst College and would like to suggest an event or accomplishment for a possible news release, call or email the Director of Media Relations at 413-542-8417.