Wednesday at 3:53 pm

Guess what's under construction at this very moment (hint: it will be part of an event on the main quad this weekend)
Wednesday at 3:49 pm
Wednesday at 1:38 pm

The process of preparing campus for the 194th Commencement of Amherst College and Class of 2015 is well underway, Wednesday afternoon
Sunday at 12:46 pm
Friday at 9:28 pm

Rising sophomore Sam Croff III heads back to his dorm room to retrieve more items, while his parents try to utilize every inch of trunk space for their drive home. Safe travels to all those departing Amherst College for the summer (and beyond for our seniors), and to those who will be arriving for the 194th Commencement of Amherst College and Reunion
Friday at 9:17 pm

Pathways Mentoring Program mentor Bob Howard talks with a mentee during a walk through campus, Friday afternoon, on the last day of finals. For those not familiar with Pathways, "the mission of the program is to foster a culture of mentoring at Amherst that connects students with alumni mentors through a structured framework encouraging productive conversations around academic, professional, and life goals, empowers alumni mentors to engage students in critical thinking that is reflective and strategic," and "offers opportunities for alumni to build mentoring skills"
Friday at 9:02 pm

Seeing the rows and stacks of senior theses is a humbling experience, especially when trying to wrap one's head around how many pages were both read and written to produce them, the number of hours invested in research, and the number of experiences it took to catalyze such interest, inquiry and creativity. Kudos to those who embarked on such a journey, and high fives to all who finished (high tens to those who finished with a smile)
Friday at 3:00 pm

"Hooked on Aquaponics" student group members and volunteers take a few moments to relax and study after completing setup for their greenhouse open house outside the garden level of Valentine