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Main Amherst College Social Sites

These links will simply show you what the site looks like—you won’t be automatically “liking” or subscribing to anything by clicking these initial links.

Facebook Amherst’s Facebook page features selected news items, events, photos and videos.

FlickrView thousands of photos of events, sports, the campus and more on flickr.

LinkedInJoin “Amherst College Alumni & Friends” on the career networking site LinkedIn.

Twitter Follow Amherst College on Twitter for tweets about all things Amherst. Also follow Biddy Martin on Twitter.

YouTubeWatch Amherst College events, interviews and
more on Amherst’s You Tube channel.


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All-in-One (almost) News Stream

See items from the main Amherst social sites, plus Amherst’s news stories, all in one place on FriendFeed.

At Amherst.edu

Look up your classmates and friends on Amherst’s own site. On our People page, you can find Current Student Class Websites, Alumni Class Websites, the Alumni Directory and more.

At Amherst and Want to Start a Social Site?

Read Public Affairs’ Social Media Guidelines for helpful tips on running a social site for your department or organization.










FacebookFacebookStay up to date with photos, posts, events and videos on Amherst's most popular social network.
TwitterTwitter—Short bursts of news, scores and more keep you connected to the pulse of Amherst.
FlickrFlickr—View high resolution images of campus happenings, sports and more.
LinkedInLinkedIn—Connect with students and alumni on this professional development and career networking site.
YoutubeYouTube—Watch videos of lectures, sports highlights, campus events and more.
InstagramInstagram—See a variety of scenes and events on campus.

Amherst Faculty & Staff with a page or site to feature here - Contact Us.
Want to start a page for your Amherst group or department? Check out the Social Media Guidelines.