Celebrating Commencement with On-Campus Parties

Graduating seniors, their families and friends, are welcome to host Commencement celebrations utilizing our outdoor campus space during Commencement Weekend. Confirmation of sites is overseen by George Shaheen, supervisor of the facilities special services department. 

To hold on-campus parties at Amherst College, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Complete the Tent Space Request form found online or request a copy by calling facilities at 413/542-2367. Early submission is recommended; many sites are committed soon after the beginning of the fall semester. Deadline for submission Dec.1.
  • Once acknowledgment of site has been received from facilities, complete the Contract for On-campus Parties. The contract can be viewed on-line and downloaded for convenience. Deadline for contract submission is Dec.1.
  • Once receipt of contract is acknowledged and signed by an Amherst College facilites representative, procure liability insurance coverage and arrange for tent with approved vendor, rent tables, chairs, etc. Deadline for insurance liability submission is Feb.1.
  • Final catering form (included in the contract) is due by May 1.
  • TIPS certified server's names due are by May 1 if serving alcohol.

Athletic Space - Events requiring use of athletic space require a reservation through Athletics at 413/542-2274 prior to submitting the tent space request form to the special services department. Please note that contact has been made under the additional information box on the request for tent space.

Space Unavailable - While we are able to arrange outdoor space for celebrations, we are unable to assign indoor space for parties. There are also some areas that are not available for outdoor gatherings, including the Main Quadrangle, Valentine Quadrangle, the courtyard at the Mead Art Museum, the southeast campus and the Yushien Garden near Webster.

Tents, Tables and Chairs - All Amherst College tents, tables and chairs are being used by the college for Commencement; if there is a need for these items for your own celebration, they can be rented from the following companies. These companies have been approved by Amherst College.

Tent rental companies will contact the college's department of special services prior to erecting tents and take care of the permitting process with the Town of Amherst.

Heat and Electricity - Amherst College is unable to provide electricity or heat for outdoor parties; please see policy details for these needs. Generators can be rented at the above rental companies.

Post-party Clean-up - If you are hosting a party on campus, you are expected to clean up after your own gathering.

Additional information can be obtained through the facilities special services department at 413/542-2367.