Amherst College Sexual Respect Task Force



Amherst College is a community that promotes respectful interactions, mutual support, genuine acceptance, safety, and fairness for all—a community in which all of us can learn. All members of the community hold each other accountable for treating one another with respect. As we work to build a respectful community, each member understands what constitutes sexual respect and what constitutes a violation of that respect—sexual assault and misconduct are not tolerated.


The Sexual Respect Task Force is made up of faculty, students and staff who are committed to the above vision. We challenge ourselves to help create a positive culture in which we take advantage of the potential to learn from our differences. In particular, our role is to ensure that faculty, staff and students are educated about:

  • What sexual respect is and where it fits in a larger continuum of respect for persons
  • How to hold each other accountable for and the role each constituency has in ensuring sexual respect
  • The effects of sexual assault on victims and some of the behaviors that can be expected when someone is a victim of sexual assault
  • Understanding how we must respond to incidences that suggest misconduct
  • Knowing the resources available to those who experience sexual misconduct

We will make every effort to identify the best educational opportunities and resources to support the above goals.  In this process, it is likely that we will make policy recommendations to the Title IX Team and resource recommendations to the Oversight Committee.  Finally, we will be outstanding community role models for sexual respect issues and invite all members of our community to be such champions as well.


  • Lisa Brooks, Associate Professor of American Studies and English
  • Samuel Morse, Howard M. and Martha P. Mitchell Professor of the History of Art and Asian Languages and Civilizations
Administration and Staff
  • Julia Alexander, Program Manager for Public Service Internships, Center for Community Engagement
  • Maryanne Alos, Science Library Specialist
  • Laura Fusari, Psychotherapist, Project Manager for CASA, Outreach Coordinator for Sexual Assault Services, Counseling Center
  • Danielle Hussey, Interim Director, Women's and Gender Center
  • Molly Mead, Director of the Center for Community Engagement (co-chair)
  • Justin Serpone, Coach, Physical Education and Athletics
  • Cara Sullivan, Amherst College Police Officer
  • Jonathon Thompson, Coach, Physical Education and Athletics
  • Amanda Collings Vann, Sexual Respect Educator (co-chair)
  • Grace Brotsker '16
  • Bonnie Drake '17
  • Cosette Lias ‘17
  • Jacob Pagano '18
  • Sophia Salazar '18
  • Kyra Ellis-Moore '15 (AAS rep)
  • Siraj Sindhu '17 (AAS rep)
For More Information

If you would like more information on the Sexual Respect Task Force please contact Amanda Collings Vann at or Molly Mead at