What Should I Do If I Experience Sexual Misconduct On Another Campus?

Amherst College is part of the Five-College Consortium (the “5-Colleges”), and it is recognized that your time as an Amherst student may bring you to many other college campuses for a variety of reasons. If you experience sexual misconduct on any college campus, regardless of the school, know that options are available to you.  Generally, sexual misconduct complaints are handled and, if the Complainant chooses this route, adjudicated by the college where the alleged Respondent is enrolled.  All colleges and universities are required to have a designated Title IX officer on campus to help with the reporting of sexual misconduct and to also help survivors’ access resources.  Please know that any member of Amherst College's Title IX team can assist you with understanding your options if you experienced sexual misconduct on any other campus.  

Listed below are the names and contact information for the Five-College Consortium Title IX officers and links that will direct you to their school’s policies where you may find information regarding sexual misconduct.

UMass Amherst

For any questions or to report a Title IX matter at UMass Amherst, contact the Title IX Coordination Team at (413) 545-3464 

UMass Amherst Title IX Coordinator

Débora D. Ferreira
Director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (413) 545-3464

UMass Amherst Code of Student Conduct 


Mount Holyoke 

Non-Student Complainants 

Survivors or reporting parties who are non-Mount Holyoke College community members (including Five College students) may file a sex discrimination, sexual assault or sexual misconduct complaint with the Title IX Coordinator.  The Title IX Coordinator will respond to any complaint that involves a current member of the Mount Holyoke community (faculty, student, or staff) or that occurs on campus grounds or during a college sponsored activity away from campus. 

Mount Holyoke College Title IX Coordinator 

Rene Davis
Dean of Students
Title IX Coordinator
Phone:  (413) 538-2550 

Mount Holyoke College Code of Student Conduct 


Smith College 

Sexual Misconduct can be reported to any member of the Dean’s Office including the Dean of Students and Class Deans.  Reports can also be made by calling the Campus Police department. 

Campus Police
(413) 585-2490 

Dean of Students Office
(413) 585-4940 

Smith College Student Handbook 


Hampshire College 

Sexual misconduct can be reported to the Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Student Complaints; this person has the responsibility to receive student complaints and initiate investigations. 

Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Student Complaints

Renee Freedman
Senior Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life
(413) 559-5412 

Hampshire College Title IX Coordinator

Diane Fernandez
Title IX Coordinator
(413) 559-6253

Hampshire College Student Handbook