Strategic Planning

The Financial Outlook Committee

Phase I  - Assessment of “Baseline” Finances and Creation of Financial Capacity for Strategic Priorities

Goals - Arm committees with a solid financial context to consider as part of their assessments. Create financial capacity for new strategic priorities by critically evaluating all that we do today

Phase II  - Enable Strategic Priorities

Goal - Determine how best to deploy financial resources to achieve Amherst’s aspirations


  • Kevin Weinman, Chief Financial Officer (Chair)
  • Gregory Call, Dean of the Faculty & Professor of Mathematics
  • Brian Conway, Board of Trustees
  • Mauricia Geissler, Chief Investment Officer
  • Marian Matheson, Director of Institutional Research (Of counsel)
  • Lyle McGeoch, Professor of Computer Science
  • Megan Morey, Chief Advancement Officer
  • Tom Parker, Director of Admissions
  • Hope Pascuccci, Board of Trustees
  • Peter Uvin, Provost & Professor of Political Science

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