Strategic Planning


he Steering Committee is composed of the chairs of the four core and three support committees and members of the senior administration.  It will oversee the strategic planning process and ensure coordination between the committees. After the committees have prepared their reports, the steering committee will prepare the final report.

Steering Committee Members

  • Peter Uvin, Provost & Professor of Political Science (Chair)
  • Gayle Barton, Chief Information Officer
  • Amrita Basu, Professor of Political Science & Women's Studies
  • Anthony Bishop, Professor of Chemistry & Chair of Biochemistry-Biophysics
  • Jim Brassord, Director of Facilities
  • Greg Call, Dean of the Faculty & Professor of Mathematics
  • Jack Cheney, Associate Dean of the Faculty & Professor of Geology
  • Rhonda Cobham-Sander, Professor of Black Studies & English
  • Catherine Epstein, Williiam R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of History; Chair of History
  • Judith Frank, Professor of English and Elizabeth W. Bruss Reader; Director of Studies
  • Andy Nussbaum, Board of Trustees
  • Biddy Martin, President
  • Jim Larimore, Dean of Students
  • Lisa Rutherford, Chief Policy Officer & General Counsel
  • Austin Sarat, Associate Dean of the Faculty & Professor of Political Science
  • Kevin Weinman, Chief Financial Officer

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