You may begin working on your department/program offerings December 5, 2011.  We request that you have your submissions entered onto the editing tool by January 6, 2012.  As we have done for years, you need only indicate which semester(s) the course will be offered or if it will be omitted for the year, the instructor(s), and any minor changes in the course description.  This will make adding new courses to the catalog as they get approved in the Spring much easier and more expeditious.            


            We know that there will be unanticipated changes to existing courses after mid-January.  That said, it will be easier to incorporate these changes as they arise if my office has the bulk of the courses which are not changing already in our data base.  By spreading the work out over a few months, rather than concentrating it in a few weeks, we can reduce errors and the frustrations that errors produce.



Fri, 01/06/2012 (All day)