November 10, 2017 (All day)

All students who have withdrawn of failed a course during any semester except the last two (final year) shall be allowed to graduate with 31 courses or their equivalent, provided that they have met the residency requirement. Transfer students in that situation must also have completed at least fifteen full courses or their equivalent.

Returning students incurring a deficiency in the fall 2017 or thereafter and who meet the Students who have outstanding deficiencies from terms prior to Fall 2017 will be expected to make them up in accordance with the previous policy requirements.

Students should be advised to speak with their class dean as soon as possible and before the sixth week of the semester. Class deans will assist students with academic resources. Students should be taking advantage of faculty office hours and other resources available through the department as well.
Any student withdrawing or failing a course in the final year will have to make it up at a college or university outside of Amherst College.