Center for Community Engagement

The Center for Community Engagement supports faculty and students as they put their ideas to work in the world.

Originally opened in 2008, the Center was re-envisioned and launched in fall 2016 with the goal of ensuring that Amherst College students and graduates are engaged, effective, and innovative problem solvers in their communities and workplaces. We are part of a college-wide integrative learning initiative that incorporates what research and experience suggest—that students consolidate their learning most effectively and gain the most from their Amherst education by putting ideas to work in the world and in contexts that allow them to learn by doing.

We foster collaboration and innovation across campus and the community, through initiatives that link experience with theory and reflection. We support community-based learning, undergraduate research, internships, creative endeavors and other educational activities. Our work is done in partnership with groups both on and off campus, in particular the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning and the Teaching and Learning Collaborative.

students in a play

Idea Accelerator

Explore an idea and get started now — with our help! Learn about our resources, including advising, funding and more.

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Check out our tools and guidelines to help you explore ideas, develop projects, pursue funding and apply your learning.

students present their work at Amherst Explorations

Experiential Learning

Learning by doing intentionally links direct experience with analysis and critical reflection. It is designed to support learning, inquiry, and action inside and outside of the curriculum.