Center for Community Engagement

CCE Advisory Board

Statement of Purpose

The Advisory Board, a stellar group of Amherst College faculty, students, and alumni and prominent experts in the field of community engagement meets two to three times a year to provide strategic and operational about how to advance community engagement at Amherst College and how to develop programs and approaches that will influence higher education.

2012-2013 Board Members

John E. Abele '59
Nazir Ahmad '82
Pamela Allyn '84
Daniel Alter '13
Aliza Ansell
Richard Aronson '69
Amrita Basu
Kate Berry '12
Yohanna Briscoe '10
Kristin Bumiller
Christopher Cerf '77
Nadinne Cruz
Elizabeth Ferguson '11E
Stephen Garrow '84
Rosanne Haggerty '82
Briana Hanny '13
Phillip Lilienthal '62
Betty Medina Lichtenstein
Molly Mead
Sonia Nieto
Barry O' Connell
Patricia O' Hara
John Saltmarsh
Karen Sanchez-Eppler
Destry Sibley '09
Mary Jo Viederman
Wendy Woodson