Center for Community Engagement

Spring 2010 Community Based Learning Courses

ENGL-02 Reading, Writing, and Teaching
Jennifer Cayer
Students, as part of the work of the course, each week will tutor or lead discussions among a small group of students at Holyoke High School. The readings for the course will be essays, poems, autobiographies, and stories. Among these will be materials that focus directly on Holyoke.

ENGL-62 Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Karen Sanchez-Eppler
This course will regularly examine the literary and cultural scene in nineteenth-century America. The topic for 2010 is Emily Dickinson.  We will make use of the resources of the town of Amherst to play experience and mind off each other in our efforts to come to terms with her elusive poetry.

MATH-06 Calculus with Elementary Functions

John Condon
Trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions will be studied from the point of view of both algebra and calculus. The applications encountered in Mathematics 05 will reappear in problems involving these new functions.

POSC-56 Regulating Citizenship
Kristin Bumiller
This course considers a fundamental issue that faces all democratic societies: How do we decide when and whether to include or exclude individuals from the rights and privileges of citizenship? This course will be conducted inside a correctional facility and enroll an equal number of Amherst students and residents of the facility.

SOCI-32 Thinking Differently about Culture
Ronald Lembo
In this course, we will focus on the dynamics of cultural difference which characterize the civil rights era in the United States and use our sociological assessment of them to frame an analysis of culture leading up to and following from this tumultuous time, paying particular attention to what is now commonly referred to as a “post civil rights era.”

THDA-35 Scripts and Scores
Wendy Woodson
This course will provide structures and approaches for creating original choreography, performance pieces and events. These approaches include working with text and movement, visual systems and environments, music, sound and chance scores to inspire and include in performance. Students will create and perform dance, theater, or performance art pieces for both traditional theater spaces and for found spaces.

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