Center for Community Engagement

Soap Boxes and Action Tables: Join us for the first ever Community Engagement Expo this Thursday

What are the possibilities of community engagement at Amherst and in the Pioneer Valley? How can you take action right now? What can you learn from the stories and experiences of students, community leaders, faculty, and alumni?

This Thursday, September 8,  you are warmly invited to join us for the CCE's inaugural Community Engagement Expo. The Expo will take place in the Keefe Campus Center from 6-8 p.m.— and it's unlike any event we've ever held.

At the Expo, you'll get to meet recent graduates, current students, staff members of local non-profits and faculty members who are working on the issues you care the most about. You'll learn from their stories and discover just how many engagement opportunities exist locally, nationally, and internationally. You'll also have the chance to take direct action right away  by signing petitions, organizing donation drives, and joining initiatives on the spot.

We hope you'll take advantange of this wonderful opportunity to explore community engagement. We can't wait to see you. Questions? Contact us at or by phone at (413) 542-5140.