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Women’s Golf hosts clinic for Girls, Inc.

On Saturday, March 31, the women’s golf team hosted seven girls from Girls, Inc. of Holyoke to teach golf skills and share the importance of learning new things and practicing hard.  

Girls, Inc. is a national non-profit made up of a network of local organizations that work to empower young women and, as their tagline explains, inspire them to be “strong, smart, and bold.”  They are also one of the Center for Community Engagement’s biggest community partnerships, with almost 50 Amherst College tutors participating each week.  

The golf team’s seven members worked one-on-one with the Girls, Inc. girls at the golf facility in the Alumni gym, working them through a series of beginner’s drills.  

For a little over an hour, the Girls, Inc. girls learned how to hold a golf club, how to swing appropriately, and how to putt with finesse through even the toughest putting obstacle courses that the women’s team threw at them.  All the while, the girls challenged themselves to learn a new skill, learned about the importance of dedication to a sport or any craft, made some new friends in Amherst athletics, and had fun doing it.  

Irene Hickey ’13, a member of the golf team and an Athletics Liaison for the Center for Community Engagement, took the leadership role in organizing the event.  She spoke to the day’s success: “Our goal was to introduce girls with no familiarity with golf to the basic components of the game. Overall, we were met with very high success. Small numbers proved to be really helpful, since working one on one made sure each girl got enough attention and feedback. The girls responded very excitedly every time a putt went in and a ball was air-born. We really tried to point out successes and strengths of every girl.” 

The women’s golf team intends to continue their growing friendship with Girls, Inc. Plans for another clinic are already in the works.  

If you or a teammate is interested in hosting a sports clinic for a local community partnership, contact the Athletics Liaisons. If you are interested in working specifically with Girls, Inc., contact one of the two Girls, Inc. Community Engagement Leaders: Sarah Yee '13 (, or Samanta English (

Reilly Horan ’13 is one of three Athletics Liaisons for the Center for Community Engagement. Athletics Liaisons connect athletes and coaches to the resources of the Center for Community Engagement and work to create a sustainable culture of service within the Athletics Department. Visit the Athletes in the Community page to learn even more.

If your team is looking for community engagement projects, contact Roshard Bryant ’13 at or Irene Hickey ’13 at for advice and resources or visit their office hours in the Center for Community Engagement (in Keefe Campus Center) every Friday from 10am-12pm. If your team just completed a community engagement event, contact Reilly Horan ’13 at so that the campus becomes more aware of what your team is doing to get involved.