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Job Posting with Youth Action Coalition

Program Coordinator, GirlsEyeView Amherst

Posting date:   11/8/12
Start date:       January 2013, with orientation in December 2012
About GirlsEyeView
GirlsEyeView (GEV) is an empowerment project for middle and high school-aged young women in Amherst that incorporates darkroom photography, creative writing, leadership development and community engagement.  As one of Youth Action Coalition’s Arts-for-Change (AfC) projects, GEV aims to help youth develop a strong sense of self and identity, understand difference, explore and develop language for critical social and media analysis. Within this context youth learn how to use photography and writing as a tool for communicating their ideas and opinions about growing up female and understanding their unique life situations. Workshops incorporate group building activities, photo skill development, discussions, photo shoots and fieldtrips.  Youth play an active role in deciding how the group will function and how it can be a supportive and creative environment for all. They create exhibitions in galleries and downtown locations, and sell their photographs. They also collaborate with YAC’s other Arts-for-Change projects through collaborative events, exhibits and actions. We have a GEV site in Ware that is a digital program.
GEV Amherst is open to girls in 7th-9th grades and utilizes the darkroom at Amherst Regional High School. We partner with PRISM, the 21st Century After School Program at Amherst Regional High School and Amherst Regional Middle School.
Required Qualifications:

*  Experience facilitating youth programs
*  Understanding of and commitment to youth empowerment, women’s issues and social justice
*  Expertise in traditional photography (including camera, lighting, darkroom etc.)
*  Experience with creative writing
*  Excellent communication and organizational skills
*  Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with diverse youth, staff, interns, and board of directors 
*  Willingness to implement YAC’s standards, curriculum and ideology.
*  Car or access to transportation

*  Recruit a diverse group of young women from each community. Outreach to the schools and community organizations working with youth.
*  Coordinate and facilitate youth workshops 2 afternoons/week during the school year. Potential for summer projects, pending funding.
*  Work with the YAC Director and other program staff in the development of curriculum.
*  Provide hands on, technical training in photography and support the production and completion of youth projects.
*  Assist participants with technical support, brainstorming ideas, project implementation, as well as emotional support in a mentoring relationship.
*  Recruit and supervise interns from local colleges.
*  Collaborate with and support peer leaders—past participants who step up their leadership.
*  Network within the community to form/enhance existing partnerships.
*  Collaborate with YAC staff on YAC-wide events that advance the mission of GEV/YAC and continue to strengthen relationships between the five Arts-for-Change programs.
*  Participate in YAC staff meetings/trainings (weekly on Thurs Noon-2pm), Board meetings (monthly on Mon 6-8pm), YAC Unity (approximately every other month on Friday 6-8pm), and other YAC events (exhibits, screenings, fundraisers and other events TBA).
*  Participate in evaluation of the program periodically throughout the year.
*  Assist YAC Director and Board of Directors in grant writing and fundraising as time permits.
Part-time:    16 hours/week average
Rate:            $15/hour

About Youth Action Coalition
Youth Action Coalition (YAC) is a non-profit community organization operating in western Massachusetts since 1988. YAC is a youth empowerment organization embracing anti-racist values, and actively engages youth through arts and media immersion, community engagement and social action projects. GirlsEyeView Amherst and Ware are two of YAC’s five Arts-for-Change (AfC) projects. AfC provides youth from across the race/class/social spectrum access to free, high quality arts programming, helping youth break down barriers, and offering a safe space for shared dialogue and collaboration. AfC/YAC youth are putting their voices out to the community and building themselves as visionary leaders and agents of change.
To learn more about us, please visit
Hiring Process
The hiring process will include interviews with our youth/adult Search Committee. Deadline to apply: November 21. Interviews will be scheduled in mid-late June. Second interviews may be required. Program begins in September with some training opportunities in summer.
Send resume, cover letter, references and portfolio of your artwork by 11/21/12 to:
Stacey Lennard, YAC Director:
Or by mail to:
GEV Search Committee
Youth Action Coalition
P.O. Box 747
Amherst, MA 01004
Youth Action Coalition is committed to a diverse workplace, and is an equal opportunity employer.