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Pink in the Rink

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February 2014story by Kate Beemer '15, photo by Janna Joassainte '17/Amherst College, Office of Public Affairs

This Valentine’s Day, the Amherst Women’s Hockey team hosted their second annual Pink in the Rink event. During their game against Trinity College, the Amherst Women’s Hockey team decorated Orr Rink from goal to goal in pink while hosting a series of raffles and games to raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Assistant Coach Liz Gallinaro, a native of Amherst, explains why the team participates in the event. “We want to give back to the community. This event is a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness for women in and around the Amherst College community affected by breast cancer.”

This year, the hockey team gave all donations to a Northampton organization called Cancer Connections. With so many deserving organizations to choose from, Gallinaro explains the team’s choice. “The folks at the Cancer Connection have tremendous passion and dedication for what they do. The fact that they do it right here in the Pioneer Valley made it even better. It was a perfect fit. We can see the impact of our efforts in our own community.” With donations still coming in, the second annual Pink in the Rink event has so far raised just over $2,000.

Gallinaro says the event was a collaborative team effort. “A lot of people deserve credit for making this all possible. Every member of the Amherst Women’s Hockey family contributed something to this event, whether it was their time working at the game, a raffle prize, decorations for the rink, and so on. Our players did a great job going out to local businesses to get donations; their efforts were spearheaded by forward Barrett McBride ‘14 and defenseman Melissa Martin ‘15. Additionally, we are so grateful for the time and support of our Field Hockey, Men’s Hockey and Football teams during the event. Lastly, we are really excited about the connection we made on campus with the Public Health Collaborative. I had the opportunity to meet their president, Jessica McMillin ‘15, who also met with the Cancer Connection in preparation of the event. Their organization was already volunteering for the Cancer Connection and did a great job supporting our event.”

If you are interested in helping with the event next year or donating to the Cancer Connection, Gallinaro encourages you to reach out to any member of the Amherst Women’s Hockey Team.