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Internship Postcards: Roshard Bryant '14E

Photo by Rob Mattson/Amherst College, Office of Public Affairs

August 2012—Story by Jenny Morgan, photo by Rob Mattson/Amherst College, Office of Public Affairs

If you spend time with Roshard Bryant ‘14E, you'll quickly learn three things: he has infinite reserves of energy, an effortless ability to work with people, and genuine passion for everything he does. Not a bad combination for someone who thinks he wants to be an educator.

‘Taking the forest to the people’

 Titus Chirchir ’13 named this year’s Amherst College Dalai Lama Fellow

April 2012—story by Jenny Morgan, photo by Sam Tang '15

Ask a college student how they spent the summer between high school and college and you might hear that they travelled with family, browsed course catalogs, or even found that perfect dorm room microwave. Ask Titus Chirchir what he did the summer before he arrived at Amherst College and you’ll get a slightly less common answer.

Amherst LEADS holds 'Caring Deeply' community engagement event aimed at first-year student-athletes


Joey Cheek
April 2012—story by Reilly Horan ’13

On Tuesday, March 29, the Amherst LEADS program hosted an event to encourage student-athletes to engage in their community. The event, called “Caring Deeply,” is the fifth part of a year-long series of events directed at first-year student-athletes as part of the First-Year Initiative program. 

‘Treating everyone more equally’: Jan Jourdain’s advocacy for Belchertown’s veterans


Jan Jourdain
February 2012—story by Jenny Morgan, photo by Sam Tang '15

It has been fourteen years since Jan Jourdain first accepted a position in the Robert Frost library at Amherst College, but she’ll tell you that no two days have ever been quite the same.

Internship Postcards: Eugene Golubitskiy '12

Eugene Golubitskiy

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Eugene Golubitskiy ’12

It’s not every day that a student picks up a new language for a summer internship, but Eugene Golubitskiy ’12 (pictured on the far right, front row) was not going to let the summer pass without learning Serbian.

Internship Postcards: Emma Vaimberg '14

Vela Scholars

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan

Emma Vaimberg ‘14 (pictured fourth from the left) was an after-school tutor for the Vela Scholars program during the spring semester this year, and she eagerly jumped at the opportunity to join the team of interns who brought the summer program to life.

‘You can’t just turn a blind eye’: Agostine Ndung’u ’12 awarded Dalai Lama Fellowship for initiative aimed at reducing ethnic violence in Kenya

Agostine Ndungu '12

May 2011—Story by Jenny Morgan, photo by Kate Berry '12

In the fall of 2008, Agostine Ndung’u ’12 moved from Kenya to the United States to join Amherst College’s class of 2012. Like his new peers, Amherst was the school of his dreams— and 2008 represented opportunity and hope. In spite of his excitement, however, he was deeply troubled by what he was leaving behind in Kenya.

Internship Postcards: Christine Lyons '12E

Christine Lyons

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Christine Lyons ‘12E

Christine Lyons ‘12E (pictured on the far right in the back row) has wanted to teach for as long as she can remember.

Internship Postcards: Adoma Manful '12

Adoma Manful

August 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Adoma Manful '12


Adoma Manful ’12’s internship with the American Cancer Society-Illinois (ACS) in Chicago, Illinois, was not her first time immersed in the field of healthcare.

Internship Postcards: Alex Gomes Pereira '12

CNA Picnic

July 2011—story by Jenny Morgan, photo courtesy of Alexandre (Alex) Gomes Pereira '12

Alex Gomes Pereira ’12, a history major from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, first took an interest in immigration while answering the phones at the Massachusetts State House in Boston last summer. He noticed that immigrants were calling frequently to get help “navigating the system” on a number of issues, most notably health care.