Center for Community Engagement

Vehicles and Transportation

The Center for Community Engagement has six 7-passenger vans and one 5-Passenger Prius available for reservation.  Please read below for details.

How does the Center for Community Engagement determine who gets a vehicle?

The Center for Community Engagement currently manages the use of six 7-passenger vans and one 5-passenger Prius. The CCE's vehicles are available for use by students, groups or classes involved in service and activism or other forms of community involvement.  CCE vehicles cannot be taken outside of a 100 mile radius. When considering a vehicle request, the staff takes into consideration public transportation alternatives, the number of students involved, and the order in which requests are received.

How do I request a vehicle?

There is an online vehicle reservation form that must be filled out in order to request a vehicle. Requests must be submitted three business days in advance of the desired reservation date. It is best to send requests  in advance if possible. Requests will be processed and a response will be sent within 3 business days (Monday through Friday) of receipt. 

Please note: due to the high volume of requests for vehicles on the weekends, those requests are processed on the Thursday prior to the date the vehicle is needed.

Alternative resources for transportation:

How to register as a driver:

All Drivers of College owned, leased or rented vehicles must be credentialed each academic year. To start the credentialing process, please click here.


The CCE follows the same pool vehicle policies as Amherst College. The following rules apply to using any pool vehicle on campus:

  • Only seven passengers may be in a van at one time. Only five passengers may in the Prius at one time. All passengers must wear safety belts at all times.
  • Drivers may not talk on cell phones or text while operating a van. Read more about this policy.
  • Drivers must always follow traffic laws.
  • If a student has an accident or other moving vehicle violation, the student will not be allowed to drive Amherst College vehicles for the remaining school year.


It is every driver's responsibility to fill the gas tank if the tank is half full or less. You must fill the gas tank at the Sunoco Station on Route 9 East (down Route 9 away from Amherst, past the Cumberland Farms on the left.) Use the PIN on the back of your key to fill the tank. Please be sure that the total you sign for matches the total cost of the gas purchased. Any charge made outside of the Amherst account at this gas station will not be reimbursed by the Center for Community Engagement.


It is every driver's responsibility to remove all trash from the vehicle and to return the van in a cleaner state than you found it.