Center for Community Engagement

Space Use Agreement

Every student who requests to reserve the CCE lobby must fill out this form for submission. Once you have an agreement on file, you do not need to resubmit this form.

Contact information
Today's date: *
Please list all that apply.
I understand and agree to the following guidelines for using the CCE as a meeting space:
I understand the CCE lobby space is available to me as a meeting space for community engagement purposes only: *
I understand that not all requests can be honored due to other events happening at the same time: *
I understand that the available hours for reserving the CCE lobby for meetings are from 5pm-2am M-F and from 7am-2am Sat -Sun: *
I understand these resources are available: computers in the student office; minimal printing; office supplies; and the library: *
I understand that I am responsible for holding all members of my group accountable for these guidelines: *
I understand that if I, or my group(s), violate these guidelines, my group and I may not be able to use the CCE again: *
I will do the following:
I will only use the CCE lobby for approved meetings that have been scheduled by a CCE professional staff member: *
I will reserve the CCE lobby by filling out an online request form: *
I will give my Amherst College ID to the campus center manager as the person responsible for unlocking and locking the CCE: *
I will leave the space as I found it: *
I will leave all CCE supplies in the CCE: *
I will be in attendance for the duration of my reservation(s): *
I will turn off all lights, shut down computers, and lock the doors to the CCE: *
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