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CCE Photographers

Position Description

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is hiring student photographers to help document the breadth and depth of community engagement at Amherst. We’re looking for creative, driven students with strong skills in photography, editing, and visual storytelling.

Working within a student communications team, each photographer will share in the ongoing creation of photography that documents the work of the CCE. This content will be published on the CCE website and possibly in the quarterly newsletter.

As needed, each CCE photographer will help to:

  • Document the CCE’s major events and programs
  • Create portraits of students, staff, faculty, or community members
  • Create photo essays
  • Create content for audio/visual slideshows in partnership with the CCE’s audio documentarian team
  • Edit and upload photos in a timely manner

This position will require working consistently on small, discrete projects.

The time commitment required can range according to individual student availability as projects are assigned on a case-by-case basis. While this position is not a major time commitment, students in this position must be able to commit a regular portion of his/her time and maintain regular communication with CCE staff. Students in this position are expected to respond promptly when asked if s/he can take on a particular assignment.

This position will report to the Director of Communications, who works remotely, and will have on-campus assistance from the Assistant to the Director. Student photographers work closely with the department of Public Affairs and a diverse group of alumni, students, faculty, and staff.

Desired qualifications:

We are looking for enthusiastic, responsible, and creative students who want to help tell the many stories of community engagement at Amherst. Students applying for this position should have strong photography and some photo editing skills. This is an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in the work of the CCE and helping to share the work of the Center. It is an ideal position for students interested in visual storytelling, creating multimedia, and expanding a portfolio of work.

How to apply:

Submit a resume, cover letter, and a link to previous work/photography sample to Jenny Morgan ( no later than Friday, September 5. For more information or questions about the position, email Jenny as well.

Public Service Internship Coordinator

Positions available: 4  

The Application Deadline is January 26, 2015.  Coordinators will start February 6th 

Public Service Coordinator Position 

The Center for Community engagement is looking to hire a team of creative students that are interested working promote the CCE’s public service internship program.  The internship program has supported thousands of students to do public service internships around the world.  Coordinators will work together to: 

  • Design creative strategies to promote public service internships in order to maintain our high internship application numbers.
  • Build relationships with peers, faculty and staff 
  • Implement workshops, dorm talks and tabling sessions

Successful Candidates Should

  • Have an understanding of the value of Public Service Internships for Amherst college students
  • Interest in thinking outside of the box to come up with creative ideas
  • Have excellent organization and communication skills as well as strong attention to detail
  • Be able to work effectively in a team setting 
  • Have the ability to be self-directed and execute duties with minimal supervision
  • Have some experience event planning and/or direct work with groups of students
  • A valid driver’s license and be a registered driver with campus police is preferred, but not required.
  • A positive attitude and sense of humor! 

The Application Deadline is January 26, 2015.  Coordinators will start February 6th

To apply send the following materials in 1 PDF to Julia Alexander

1.)    A cover letter detailing your interest and why you are qualified for the position  

2.)    Your resume

3.)    Your Transcript  

4.)    Your tentative schedule for the spring semester including classes and extracurricular activities

PVCS Program Student Leader

Positions Available: 1

The Application Deadline:  February 9, 2015The Student Leader will start February 23.                                                                            

PVCS Program Student Leader Position

The CCE is looking for a dedicated and creative student to fill the Student Program Leader position for the Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer Program.  The PVCS Program Student Leader has a very large role in success of the program! The program leader will work with the program directors to:

During the Spring Semester

  • Design summer curriculum and learn about social justice curriculum design simultaneously
  • Learn about facilitation and dialogue theory to help prepare you as a facilitator
  • Assist in communicating with students and community members

During the Summer

·         Co-facilitate Friday seminars 

  • Prepare Friday curriculum

·         Oversee van and food reservations

·         Create and enforce community guidelines for students living in the dorms

·         Arrange for local speakers and organizations to give presentations and workshops

Successful Candidates Will Have

·           Excellent organizational, teamwork, and communication skills

·           Ability to execute duties with minimal supervision

·           Experience leading groups of people and peers

·           Event planning experience

·           RC experience is preferred but not necessary

·           An interest in engaging academically and personally with topics like race, class, gender, privilege, oppression and other forms of identity

·           An interest in dialogue facilitation and curriculum design

·           A willingness to be self-reflective and to be challenged

·           A desire to build a deeper sense of community

·           A commitment to social justice and community engagement

·           A valid driver’s license and be a registered driver with campus police.

·           A positive attitude and a sense of humor!

Those who have previously participated in Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer are encouraged to apply.


The PVCS Student Leader will work in the Spring and throughout the summer.


Spring: Starts February 23. The spring schedule will be 4-7 hours a week

Hourly pay rate           Years worked for CCE

$9.00                           One (students in first year of employment)

$9.25                           Two

$9.75                           Three

$10.25                         Four 

Summer: Leaders will start working 32 hours a week starting May 19th- August 3rd

·           Hourly wage of $10.50/hr

·           Housing on campus in Newport

·           A flexible meal plan of 10 meals per week in Valentine Hall

The Application Deadline is February 9, 2015.

To apply, send the following materials in 1 PDF to Maria Cartagena

1.)    A cover letter detailing your interest and why you are qualified for the position. Be sure to discuss any relevant experience.

2.)    Your resume

3.)    Your Transcript