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Timesheet and Payment Information

What Do I Need to Do to Make Sure I'm Ready to Be Paid by the CCE?

How Do Timesheets Work in the CCE?

The short answer is that your timesheets are made for you, although you are responsible for filling out your hours every two weeks. The staff at the CCE will create a pre-made timesheet template for each student employee. It will include your name, job title, student ID number, hourly pay rate, and the departmental budget number you are paid from. All of this information comes from the information you provided on the questionnaire. This timesheet template is then photocopied and put in your CCE mailbox for your convenience. Every time you fill out a timesheet, you are required to use a pre-made timesheet.If you find that you are out of your pre-made timesheets, please let someone in the CCE know and we will make more copies of your timesheet for you.

How Do I Fill Out My Timesheet? When Are Timesheets Due?

For detailed instructions on how to fill out your timesheet:

CCE Sample TimesheetCCE Sample Timesheet 

Timesheets are due in the CCE every other Friday during the academic year and the summer. You will receive a email reminder the Wednesday before a timesheet is due. Timesheets must be submitted within two weeks of the end of each pay period.  If you need a deadline extension, you'll need to request it from your supervisor.


CCE student employees are paid based on the following scale:

Hourly Pay Rate Years Worked for CCE
$9.00 One (students in first year of employment)
$9.25 Two
$9.75 Three
$10.25 Four