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Not sure how to get started with community engagement? We're here to help. On this page, you'll find ways to connect with community engagement programs, students, student groups, and local organizations.

Engagement Advising
The Engagement Advising program is one of the best introductions to community engagement at Amherst, and it's available year-round. The program matches students looking to get started with students who have substantial engagement experience. Advisors meet with their advisees, get to know their interests, and make tailored recommendations for getting started. As an added bonus, these meetings can be off-campus over something delicious.

Community Engagement Orientation Trip
The Community Engagement Orientation Trip is a fun, challenging, and intensive introduction to the communities in and around Amherst. For three days during orientation, students are immersed in local communities as they are introduced to the people and organizations of the Pioneer Valley.

Organizations in the Pioneer Valley
The Center for Community Engagement maintains sustained, mutually-beneficial relationships with dozens of organizations in the Pioneer Valley. Browse the list of organizations with whom we work most closely.

Summer Internships
Each summer, 150 students hold public service internships around the nation and the globe as part of the Center for Community Engagement's public internship programs. Browse a list of organizations where Amherst students frequently intern and explore all four programs.

Engagement in the Classroom
Community-based learning adds complexity and urgency to students' critical grasp of social, political, and cultural issues by connecting the intellectual rigors of academic study with the needs and expertise of the community.

Student Leadership
The Community Engagement Leader program prepares students to be Amherst College alumni who link learning with leadership to the College, to their communities, and to the world beyond.

Student Groups on Campus
Explore the list of active student groups on campus on the Student Life page.