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Not sure how to get started with community engagement? We're here to help. On this page, you'll find ways the CCE can help as a resource for community engagement.

Engagement Advising

The Engagement Advising program is one of the best introductions to community engagement at Amherst, and it's available year-round. The program matches students looking to get started with students who have substantial engagement experience. Advisors meet with their advisees, get to know their interests, and make tailored recommendations for getting started. 


We can help faculty members access transportation for courses and connect students with transportation resources on campus.

Meeting Space

Our office lobby is available as a meeting space to student and community groups. Follow the link to fill out the online reservation form.

Support for Projects or Events

Do you have an idea for a project or an event? Contact Us!

Student Employment

Interested in working at the CCE? Browse the student employment page for openings. Already an employee? Find important employment information and fill out required forms.