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Hiring for the Engagement Advisor positions for the 2015-2016 academic year is now complete

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Engagement Advisors (EAs) Position Description

Engagement Advisors are juniors and seniors who have been actively engaged in diverse community engagement activities during their time at Amherst College. EAs are hired by the CCE to facilitate informative and interactive discussions about community engagement. EAs guide other students by sharing their own stories of engagement. They attend an Orientation session at the beginning of the year where they have the opportunity to think back and reflect upon their own Pathway for Engagement.  EAs will develop a plan to recruit and connect with younger students, who are new to the CCE and our programs.  Each EA will handle a caseload of Advisees and follow-up with them regularly throughout the year. EAs will come together throughout the program to brainstorm ideas, share best practices and suggest improvements to the program.

Suggested EA activities:

  • Establish Engagement Workshops or Presentations in First-Year Dorms
  • Establish and advertise open office hours
  • Create and distribute flyers about signing up for an Engagement Advisor
  • Establish a Community Engagement Table (similar to the language tables in Val)
  • Plan and organize a one-time service event
  • Set up Tabling in the Keefe Campus Center

How do Engagement Advisors accomplish the Initiative Goals?

EAs assist students by providing valuable information about resources and advice on how to navigate the opportunities for engagement. They serve as role models and mentors to younger students. EAs are available to meet with fellow students over a meal at Val, or they can take a student out for a slice at Antonio’s Pizza or for a complimentary cup of coffee at Schwemm’s Coffee House. They help students through the three steps to develop a Personalized Pathway for Engagement.

Step 1: Explore & Plan

Through self-exploration and reflection, students identify the causes and issues that they find personally motivating. Engagement Advisors encourage students to think more deeply and intentionally about themselves and their role in the world. After thoughtful reflection and meeting with an Engagement Advisor, students develop a Personalized Pathway for Engagement. The Pathway is based on each student’s interests and passions.

Step 2: Action

Students move from awareness to action. Utilizing their Personalized Pathway for Engagement, students become actively engaged.

  • Connect with a local community based organization
  • Join or start a student organization
  • Take a community-based learning course
  • Do a community based research project
  • Participate in a public service internship

Step 3: Reflect

After participating in one or more engagement activities, students are encouraged to meet again with an Engagement Advisor to reflect on and revise their Personalized Pathway for Engagement. How did you find your experience? How have your interests changed? What are your next steps?



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